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A Day at the Mountains

November 11, 2010

Today turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!! The day started out early, as my Aunt and I ventured down to Blowing Rock,NC.  For those of you who haven’t been to the mountains in North Carolina are surely missing out!! The views are amazing and the towns are small and so cute.  Lots of local artists showcasing their art and pottery in shops.  Love me some art.

We got there and soaked up some scenery and hit the shops!!

Haha! Loved this sign!

Cute Crows.  I loved these silly snowmen 🙂

Slap Your Mama or Butt Pucker Hot Sauce?! Decisions. Decisions.  [Sadly, none were bought]

We were beginning to get hungry so we decided it was time for lunch! We browsed a few menus posted in front of a couple restaurants.  We ended up picking Storie Street Grille.  This place was really cute.  It was a great size restaurant.  The kitchen was small but efficient.  Loved the feel of it.  And the food was great!

We decided to split a couple dishes, that way we could get a few tastes! [Totally recommend that strategy by the way!]

First up was **Fried Oyster Lettuce Wraps with a tangy mustard seed sauce and marinated cherry tomatoes**  These were good but messy. I love the tangy dressing and the spiciness of the tomatoes. But how could you go wrong with anything fried?? Seriously!

Then we split a sandwich.  This was a *Fried Green Tomato BLT with AWESOME fresh cut Yukon potato chips*  Once again… Fried food = Amazingness.

We walked off our food a little and looked a little more in some shops.

Then it was time for dessert, oh yes. Kilwin’s ice cream and fudge?? Yes please!

I ended up getting half Mint Chocolate Chip and half French Silk! So good!!

I also had to get a sample of some Pumpkin Fudge. This was delicious!

We left the main town and decided to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway a bit. [Also another awesome thing you should experience ASAP]

We found this little park along the Parkway.  It housed the cutest little craft house!! Although a bit pricey! But fun to look at! [How cool is this house?!]

We returned home after that and had some dinner [Steaks, taters, salad and fizzy water ❤ !]  Going back to my place soon and then going to bed! Back to work tomorrow!!   Thanks for all the support from everyone thus far in my blogging venture!! The only place to go is up from here!! I leave you with this picture of a storefront sign with an awesome, inspiring quote! Goodnight all!

Vanessa 🙂

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