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Rainy Day.

November 16, 2010

Woke up this morning and took a look outside and saw that Mother Nature had an overcast day in store for Charlotte, NC. Blah.  I didn’t really have much in store for today so I made  my morning coffee. Mmh. [In the big mug today!]. How people survive without coffee is beyond me. Or maybe I just have an addiction. Whatever.

I did the morning routine: emails, blogs, crosswords, etc. Wasn’t hungry yet so I gave myself something to do. Project organize the kitchen cabinets!! Yea, totally not that exciting. Although I did find some things I forgot I had.

Organized the spice cabinet! I have a lot of damn spices [Don’t judge! I’m a cook. So what.]

Love these little jars. Although maybe I need new labels :-/

This little guy came out to say Hi! I have a thing for the honey bears, I don’t think I’ve ever bought myself honey NOT in a bear.

And I found a few hidden gems. Back up TJ’s Pumpkin butter to get me through the winter, Blackberry Plum and Lime jam from Virginia local [Must try this soon! The fig and lemon was awesome!], and Caper leaves brought back from Greece [Definitely saving these for a special occasion.]

While rummaging through the cabinets I was started to get hungry for some breakfast. Cue Great Harvest pancake mix! I love this pancake mix. It’s got oats in it which gives it a nice texture.

I decided to make the mix as directed with a little twist. Added in some ground flax, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla. Toppings were awesome. Pumpkin spiced almond butter, TJ’s pumpkin butter, My mix granola and Maple syrup. The blueberries and banana were going in the pancakes.

Makin’ Banana pancakes. Cue Jack Johnson!

I clearly forgot to take a picture of the blueberry one cooking.  I was just too excited to eat them. But I did take a picture of the finished product, toppings and all. Banana was on the bottom, blueberry on top. Not like you can actually see it with all those toppings!!

Those were gone in 5 minutes. Shh.

I then moved on to doing cleaning things. Changed my sheets. [I hate changing my sheets. If I had money and could hire someone to do that I probably would. Any takers??] I usually am not into Bath and Body Works stuff but I love this pillow mist.  I got it as a gift from my Aunt and I spray it on my pillows and sheets every time I change them!

It was time for a snack/lunch. I just stuck to something simple and quick.  Chobani yogurt swirled with pumpkin butter, topped with almond butter and granola. Side of pretzel sticks [these things are so addicting!].

I knew for dinner I wanted to do make something different, not requiring any recipes, just from whatever I had. So I made a Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato soup.  I started with some onion and garlic, added the sweet potato, spices [cumin, chili powder, curry, paprika] and chipotles. Added chicken stock and let that simmer until the potatoes were cooked and soft. I blended it up and added black beans, corn, kale. I made it a little too spicy for me but it was still good.

I just topped it with some crispy tortilla strips tossed in cinnamon sugar.

Perfect compliment to a rainy, lazy day.

Did the dishes and had two of these little guys. These come in a bag from Trader Joe’s. I had a dark chocolate espresso and a milk chocolate.

Tornado watch tonight, Eeek! Sometimes I hate the south.

Until tomorrow readers…..


Vanessa 🙂







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