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A Nutty Kind of Day.

November 20, 2010

This morning started with an epic pancake FAIL. I had just enough leftover pancake mix for two cakes.  I added a little pumpkin to it and they were super moist.  Probably too moist because they were really hard to flip, hence the epic fail! [That is why there is no picture of breakfast 🙂 ]. Still tasted good though.

Work was busy today! Had a decent prep list still left to do. I felt pretty energized though, at first anyways.. I think as cooks, we have to be a little lot crazy to be in this industry.  Who else would want to work 12 + hours a day, sacrifice holidays with family and cut, bruise and burn their body?? [Not voluntarily of course].   So when things get a little crazy in the kitchen, we have to make it fun somehow! Like Ferris Bueller said. You can’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive!! [Love that movie by the way].

Beautiful Golden raisins at a glance…

Annoying sticky fruit up close… Thanks for demonstrating Heather!! 🙂

We’ve decided that white asparagus is pretty odd looking.  I think they look like fingers.  Jaime was a trooper and demonstrated my point [Wolverine Style!] See? 🙂

Oregano is one of my favorite fresh herbs. Look how awesome it is.

We played with cheese. True Life. Jaime is addicted to Boursin cheese. [But who isn’t??]

The strawberries we worked with today were HUGE! So we had a moment of playtime and made a heart out of them, sorta.

Some of my dishes for dinner service included:

Spinach Salad: Spinach, strawberries, toasted macademia nuts, red onions, orange segmets, cucumber, white balsamic vinaigrette. SUCH a good salad combo! Highly recommended.

Green and White Asparagus: Blanched asparagus, fresh herbs, citrus vinaigrette, lemon zest, red onion, Oregano aioli on the side [not pictured]

Sweet Potato and Orange Salad: Roasted sweet potatoes, orange segments, toasted pine nuts, red onions, Citrus vinaigrette, Arugula,

Caprese Salad: Red and Yellow Beefsteak tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, basil pesto oil, salt and pepper. [This combination will never get old].

Carrot Salad: Julienned carrots, golden [sticky] raisins, parsley, honey yogurt dressing

Salmon Pastrami: Fresh sides of salmon cured, and coated with a molasses glaze and toasted spice blend.  Accompanied with pickled green tomatoes, capers and red onions. **I had some fun making this one. It had been a few years since I’ve cured anything. Very cool process.

Cold Spinach and Artichoke Dip: Cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, artichokes, spinach, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, tabasco, roasted garlic

Red Cabbage Slaw: Red cabbage, raisins, toasted pecans, cider dressing.

Poached Pear Salad: Poached Anjou pears [in a white wine mixture], with arugula, candied walnuts [we call them CRACK nuts], frisee, goat cheese, raspberry vinaigrette.

The night went smoothly. Got a small rush.  Got really great feedback from the customers.  One customer just moved to Charlotte and said that this was the best food he’s had since he’s been here! Guess we’re doing something right!  Once we started slowing down, we didn’t waste anytime cleaning up! Before we knew it, it was time to mop and get out there!! Yay!  [Cue Clean up Song!!]

My dinner consisted of munching on a cheese plate that we replaced.. Hi, my name is Vanessa and I have a cheese addiction!! **Note, I did NOT eat all of this!! I munched but sent the rest away!

I have tomorrow off.  I’ve got a ton of cleaning, laundry and food shopping to do! I feel like experimenting with some baking recipes but not sure what I want to make… Cookies? Cake? Loaf? Muffins? Gahhhh. Any suggestions??

** Did you notice an additional page I created?? It’s called Blog roll and its a list of blogs that I enjoy reading and recommend to anyone.  Most have to do with Healthy living and lifestyle.  They are awesome!! I hope that I can develop to become a great blogger like them! **

Until tomorrow.


Vanessa 🙂

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