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Culinary Nerd.

November 22, 2010

Today was one of those days.  One of those days where you just go with the flow. I just didn’t have the motivation to get up at an early hour today. When I did arise I had coffee and oats.  This bowl of oats was a little off.  I think I put in a little too much nutmeg. Oops. Still good though.

Oh what’s that on top of the oats??  Why a Pecan Pie “Cakemuffin” of course 🙂  [Did you see yesterday’s baking post? If not click Pecan Pie “Cakemuffin”]

I did a few things around the apartment. Then decided to head outside.  It was in the 60’s today and I drove with my sunroof open. Probably not many of those days left! I went to the new HomeGoods that opened in Southpark. Figured I would poke around to see if there was anything Thanksgiving worthy in the kitchen section.

Not sure if I will use them for Thanksgiving, but I found this little square “rounded” dishes.  They came in a pack of six and were $6! I bought two packs. Don’t know when I will use them. I liked them because they were oven, microwave and dishwasher safe! [Not that I have a dishwasher. But if I did I’d put them in it].

I was feeling a need for some music that reminded me of home. Cue Bon Jovi.

I’ve seen them twice in concert and they were AWESOME both times! [Although I though their AMA performance last night was a little lacking, no?]

I went to the Borders by the “Taj Mateeter” [Harris Teeter is a grocery store down here, this one in particular is huge and reminds me of the Taj Mahal, hence Taj Mateeter, get it? Anyways, that Borders is going out of business.  It’s ashame because I really liked this location.  Well you know what that means….Going out of business sales! I channelled my inner culinary nerd and got a few cookbooks that I’ve been meaning to buy, but never wanted to spend the money on.

Ok so I’ve been meaning to read some of Alice Waters’ cookbooks for a while now.  I LOVE this one. It’s all about the vegetables! It goes from A to Z and covers every type of vegetable. Her recipes are so simple.  I love simple, clean, delicious dishes. Who says we have to complicate food?  Anyways I am looking forward to reading that book cover to cover.  I also go CIA’s Garde Manger cookbook.  I have CIA’s professional cookbook and it’s very informative. Since I create a lot of cold dishes at work, I thought this would be a cool read to expand my knowledge of cold food.

I also bought Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.  I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet.  I love Anthony Bourdain. And I feel like it’s a bit sacrilege that I’m in the industry and I haven’t read this.  So for $12, I have no excuses now.  Not culinary related, I picked up this collection of classic poetry by a variety of poets (Shakespere, Tennyson, Yeats, etc).  It was $6 and sometimes it’s nice to read some old poetry.

I feel like the crazy book lady who takes pictures of her books….sorta.

I went to Starbucks to get some coffee and prep lists for work done.  I find that if I go out to work I get things done faster. Too many distractions at home!! I snacked on these guys.

I also got a few surprises in the mail!

My Grandpa gets these cookbooks through American Express. Every so often I get one in the mail from him.  Today was one of those days! I already started browsing it.  I think leek bread pudding is in my near future.  Thanks Pop Pop!

I also got my first Thanksgiving card in the mail.  Thanks Mom! [and Snoopy].

Dinner was leftovers of leftovers [weird?]. I’ll most likely be reading cookbooks and watching tv [DWTS finals and Gossip Girl!] all night. Big prep day tomorrow for work, ugh. I am looking forward to Turkey day and a weekend off!! What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? If I HAD to choose. I think mine would be either stuffing or green bean casserole.

Best sandwich ever?! Yes.


Vanessa 🙂

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