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No one puts Baby in the corner.

November 23, 2010

Coffee tasted extra awesome this morning…

The usual oats this morning.. minus the nutmeg and + some chia seeds.  Toppings were delish.

Love my mini spoons.

Work was crazy today.  We have a game tomorrow and a game after Thanksgiving.  Usually we have a prep day the day before a big event. So if Thursday wasn’t Thanksgiving we’d be prepping that day for the game Friday.  So now we had a double prep day which is just a cluster. The coolers are packed and there’s food everywhere. Gahh. Can’t wait for tomorrow to be over!  I didn’t take many pictures because I was so busy doing everything else! I did snap a few though.

Huge piece of tuna. See what it’s for tomorrow 🙂

This is what “My Office” looks like on double prep days. Paper, paper EVERYWHERE!!

Blog world, this is Betsy.  She’s one of our mascots.  If you ever have a question on a cut of beef, just ask her.  She’s a book of knowledge.

After work I sat in traffic [ugh] and went to Earthfare to get a couple things needed for work tomorrow.  I needed tamarind [for a vinaigrette] and needed some mint jelly to serve with the lamb tomorrow.  While there I of course picked some stuff up for me.  Two more giant cans of Libby’s pumpkin and I FINALLY found me some of this stuff:

Yess!! Farro has been a big thing around the blog world ever since the Foodbuzz festival.  I fully plan on using it tomorrow morning to try and recreate this “Broken Farro Porridge” ever is raving about.  I can hardly wait. In fact I didn’t.  I opened this puppy up and used it in a savory way for dinner! I really like it. Anyways, for dinner, I boiled up the farro with some water and salt. Fifteen minutes, done! I served it with a mediterranean style roasted vegetables and kale chips!!

Juicy tomatoes.

Kale ready to get crispy!!

Sprinkled with some Garlic Gold [When I don’t feel like chopping fresh garlic, I use this stuff!! Totally addicting.]

Roasted veggies with herbs [like oregano!], olive oil, salt and pepper.

This is a favorite toy of mine. Readers, meet the Sodastream.  This machine makes awesome fizzy drinks. Let me demonstrate.

Fill the bottle with water.  Screw onto the machine. Once secure, press the button at the top and watch the bubbles.  It will “fart” when it’s at its fizziest.

Unscrew bottle and pour yourself a glass of bubbles. Even better with some lemon 🙂

Anyways, back to dinner.  See? Aren’t the bubbles SO distracting??

When in Virginia, I hit up this store called Oil & Vinegar. I love this place! They sell all sorts of flavors of olive oils and vinegars.  They also sell bottles and you pick one out an they fill it with an olive oil or vinegar of your choice!! These were my choices: a Greek Koroneik Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an Extra Vecchio Balsamic Vinegar! I love the olive oil but I probably could drink this balsamic vinegar. SO good. I drizzle it on all sorts of stuff to give it a little something.  Both were drizzled on the farro and vegetables. Top with some feta.  Yea it was a good dinner!

There was farro under there somewhere, I swear.

Well I’m gonna go watch who wins DWTS.  I’m routing for Jennifer Grey. After all “No one puts baby in the corner” right?

Late post tomorrow.


Vanessa 🙂

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