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Longest Day Ever.

November 26, 2010

Today was a longggg day.  I stayed at the lake last night. Woke up at 6:30 am and hung out for a little bit.  Had a delicious breakfast smoothie.  Packed my stuff and headed back towards Charlotte.  I had to stop home to drop off my bounty of leftovers, see below.

The bounty consisted of: pumpkin seeds, turkey, stuffing, mashed taters x2, soup, cranberry sauce, biscuits, cookies, fennel and onion gratin. Enough food to feed my solo self for a week. Time to get creative about turkey!

Then it was time for work!! Ugh. It was a bit rainy and overcast.  I immediately wanted to go back to bed.

There was a lot of coffee today.  I’m convinced if it weren’t for caffeine, I wouldn’t get through some days.  Today being one of them.

I totally hated not having my Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch :-/

I decided to go light and had a spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and white balsamic vinaigrette. [It was no turkey sandwich!!]

We were all SO sluggish today. Between the food and lack of sleep, I was definitely moving in slow motion.

I love this stuff. I put it in a lot of my dressings and sauces. It’s great for that extra kick to a dish!

Service went smooth. We started out slow and got a pop of business in the middle.

Favorites of the night:

Greek Salad: Cubed feta and cucumbers, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, red onions, oregano, basil, red wine vinaigrette. ** This was my personal favorite and a crowd favorite too!**

Five Grain Salad: Wheatberries, black barley, cous cous, bulgur wheat, wild rice with onions, peppers, honey ginger vinaigrette. **A repeat, but so good!**

Cous Cous: cous cous with dried cranberries, apricots, raisins and figs, sliced almonds, green onions and citrus vinaigrette.

Roasted Squash Salad: Roasted butternut and acorn squash, toasted pine nuts, arugula, orange segments, red onion, citrus vinaigrette.**Great combo!**

Poached Pear Salad: Poached An’jou pears (in a red wine mix), endive, goat cheese, candied pecans, arugula, citrus dressing.

Finally reached the end of the workday. Seemed to take FOREVER!  Got back and immediately changed into sweatpants and wandered into the kitchen.  I can’t stop eating these pumpkin seeds! Damn them.

I decided that I would save the leftover turkey/cranberry sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch.  Instead I heated up some leftover soup from yesterday.  Topped it with some shredded turkey and those damn seeds. Warmed up a sweet potato biscuit on the side!

Pretty sure I’ll be hitting some of these up after I’m finished with the soup. [Don’t judge!]

I have tomorrow off [yay!!].  I plan on sleeping in a bit. Probably do some cleaning up around here.  Hoping to see a good friend of mine later tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!  It’s past my bed time, sorta. See ya tomorrow!

Gooooodnight all!

Vanessa 🙂

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