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Laundry and Leftovers.

November 27, 2010

Doesn’t the title say it all?!

I slept in today and it felt fabulous.  This past week has really tired me out.  But guess who’s work free for FIVE whole days?! This girl.  I am most definitely going to take advantage of it!!

I still cannot stop eating these things!  I wonder if it’s possible to eat TOO many pumpkin seeds?

While we are on the subject of seeds. Remember the show Rugrats? I remember one episode where I think it was Chucky, swallowed watermelon seeds.  He was convinced he would grow a watermelon in his stomach because of the seeds.  Anyways, lets hope I don’t grow a pumpkin in my stomach.

It’s starting to get a chill in the air.  Not sure if I’m okay with that.  I think out of all of the season winter might be my least favorite. I’m not a fan of bone chilling temperatures and snow. I also hate the effects it has on my electric bill, hence me waiting for the last minute to turn the heat on.

I was so excited about a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. It totally lived up to the name.

I used some whole grain bread I had and slathered some whole grain mustard on both sides. [Guess I have a thing for whole grains?!]

What else is in it you ask?!

Thanksgiving leftovers of course.  Turkey, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, stuffing. [Sounds odd, but delicious, I promise!]

Yea, it was delicious.

And to follow, an assortment of leftover cookies.  I should really stop making things in mini sizes.  They are lethal.

I’ve been doing a couple loads of laundry and watching a House marathon on tv.  Anyone else find that House is addicting?  Ever notice his flame painted cane?  I once painted my friend’s cane that he had lying around with flames.  Obviously the flames were questionable.  But it’s the thought that counts. [That’s what I keep telling myself.]  Probably will do some reading and call it a night sooner rather than later tonight.

Road trip tomorrow! Goodbyeee Charlotte!

Hello….. Well you’ll see tomorrow 🙂


Vanessa 🙂

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