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Seven Hours.

November 29, 2010

Seven hours. Seven hours is what it took one girl and one car to get from Charlotte to C-Ville on a Sunday afternoon.


Typically the drive should take no longer than 4 1/2 hours. Not yesterday.  There were two tractor trailer wrecks and one or two other car accidents on highway 81!! What horrible luck!! I apologize for not posting last night.  I got to my destination at a little after 8pm. All that was on my brain was food, stretching, and sleep!! [Plus where I am staying doesn’t have WIFI or internet]. Anyways, for the next few days expect a morning post instead of a nightly one.

Back in Charlotte, I had my bags packed and I was ready to hit the road!!

I froze whatever leftovers I could and attempted to down the rest. [Note: this is a small plate and NO I did not eat all of this]

Packed a few snacks for the road. Including this awesome sandwich!! Two pieces of whole grain bread, one banana, NN toffee pb, Blackberry Plum jam!

I left a little after 1 pm. It was a nice day for a drive….

Or so I thought, until I encountered the lovely sea of red lights.  Cue traffic jam #1.

So this was early on in my drive.  Estimated sometime between 2 and 3 pm.  I still had my patience and sanity at this point. So I decided since I’m at a creepingly slow pace, I’ll take some pictures. [Do you know how hard this is? I don’t recommend this. I will probably get yelled at for attempting such feats as this. But it was worth it.  And I totally got the “what the hell” stares from people.  Whatever.]

Cue traffic jam #2.

I actually kind of like this picture. Not too shabby for one hand and through a window, while creeping.

[Note the cows on top of the hill.  Anywhere you drive in the south, I swear there are a plethora of cows in fields. It’s kind of creepy.  It’s like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but instead of birds, it’s cows.]

At this point in my journey [yes, it was a journey at this point], the sun was beginning to set and I was getting super grumpy/losing my patience. Hence this picture.

At least this dog was having fun.

Pretty sure I was next to a truck transporting some sort of animal.  My educated guesses were A. sheep or B. Llamas.  The more practical choice being sheep. But it would be sorta funny if it were llamas. Who transports llamas anyways?

The sunset was actually really pretty.  And yes, I was still stuck in massive traffic.

That is the last picture I took of the traffic because A. it was dark and B. I was not into the whole making fun of a crappy situation thing anymore.

Like I said before, I reached my destination around a little after 8pm. I had a big bowl of pasta with meat sauce, watched a Johnny Depp movie [Note: Johnny makes everything better :-)] and went to bed.

Slept in a little, because I could. Showered, got dressed and breathed in some fresh mountain air!

How blue are these skies??

It’s amazing how the skies are bluer here and at night you would not believe how many stars are in the sky! It’s incredible!!  Makes me feel like I’m in a planetarium [Remember those things?? They were SO cool].

My friend has a fireplace in the house, so there’s quite the wood collection.  I love fires. I love the smell. I like the sound. I love the look. We used to have a fireplace in the house growing up.  So cool!

Stopped into Mudhouse. It’s a coffeshop/bakery down here in C’ville.  They have a few locations.  I went to the one in Crozet, which is the next town over.  I love the atmosphere and their coffee and baked goods.  I can sit here for hours.  It feels like a loft with the exposed brick walls and chalkboards on the walls and cool vintage, tufted chairs.  They need to franchise out to Charlotte. I would live there, literally.

Everytime I come here I try to get a different thing.  Today I tried a caramelized onion, spinach and swiss turnover.  Yum.

And some addiction coffee of course.

Wow this post has turned out to be very length, SORRY!! But hey, there was a lot to cover here. Not sure what I will do today. Probably will poke around some shops and maybe do some reading!  Hope everyone has a great “Cyber” Monday. [I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t shop on days like black friday and today].

🙂  Vanessa


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