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A Day in C’Ville

November 30, 2010

After drinking some mud, I wandered over to Barracks Road Shopping Center.  This is such an awesome shopping place.  I do recommend making a stop here, if ever in town. I decided to grab a quick snack.  I remembered reading in a C’Ville magazine that Hot Cakes was suppose to have delicious baked goods and cold sesame noodles?  I was intrigued.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed.  I didn’t taste the sesame flavor as I was expecting.  Instead I got a mouthful of ginger.  While I love ginger, this was a little too much.  Should of called it Ginger noodles and then maybe I’d be ok with it.  My Dragon Noodle Salad is so much better.

Remember that EVOO and balsamic vinegar that I always rave about?? Well it’s from this place, Oil & Vinegar.  See all of the olive oils and vinegars for you to bottle??!

I still had plenty of olive oil and vinegar left, so I didn’t buy anymore. However I did find this bad boy.  This is a Mexican concentrated vanilla, which means its two to three times stronger than your typical vanilla extract. Let me just tell you how intoxicating this smell is.  I cannot wait to use it!!

Next I went over to the cutest little kitchen store called The Happy Cook. It’s like Sur la Table meets local country kitchen store. Love.

This is where I found those locally made jams I always have on my blog. So naturally I needed to try out a few more flavors, to support the local, small business community and my food lusting palette.

New flavors to try: White Lady and Hibiscus and Strawberry & Cherry. Thanks Daniel!

Of course I wandered into an Anthropologie.  They were having a small sale. I walked out with a few things, like this cool GREEN pitcher.

I think it would look cool as a vase too.

This is an old school general store off of Garth Road. It reminds me of the old days and I expect to see elderly men sitting out front with their dog or a shotgun or something like that.

On my way back to the house, I caught the tail end of an AWESOME sunset. Some pictures came out good.

For dinner, we went back into the small town of Crozet. Originally we wanted to try Crozet Pizza, but they closed at 9 [bahumbug].  We ended up going to this small restaurant/bar called Fardowner’s.  It’s a small, cozy little place, where everybody knows your name [Yes, that was a Cheers reference].

Anyways, they had $5 wings for Monday Night Football.  We got an order of the honey bbq wings and I got a turkey club sandwich.  Now growing up in Jersey, I’m a diner connoisseur, and one of my top 5 things to get at a diner is the turkey club.  So I was interested in seeing how this one compared.  It was definitely not a Jersey club sandwich but it was good.  It had a chipotle mayo and two cheeses and smoked turkey and the usual, lettuce and tomato.  It came with fries that were extra crunch [my favorite], and condiment choices were ketchup and malt vinegar.  Anywhere that offers malt vinegar is awesome in my book!

It was pretty chilly at night so we went back and made a fire!!

Who needs Tv?  I could have kept myself entertained for hours with a camera and fire. [Nerd alert.]

I ended up playing with shutter speeds and such. Pretty stinkin’ cool. Another thing that keeps me entertained is this furry girl.

Readers meet Maggie. One of the funniest, cutest dogs ever!

I like to call her Maggie Girl and pretend that she talks. I wish we really knew what they were saying… We played tug o’ war with her favorite toy.

Her favorite toy of the moment is this purple cow.  But that’s for whole other post in itself.

Today is a rainy day here in C’ville. Kind of a bummer. I wanted to go to the downtown mall today, but since it’s outdoors I think that the rain may have nixed it.  So now I’m back drinking Mud. Sigh.

Took some pictures of the inside today for you guys to see why I LOVE this place so much.

For breakfast alongside of my coffee I had this pumpkin and dark chocolate chip muffin. YUM! So moist!

And they have games like dominos, cards, and chess!

I am now off to go find something to do.  I may try to find something warm to eat for lunch. Wish I had  a little more time here, but I’m sure I’ll be back! I leave C’Ville tomorrow afternoon! See you tomorrow 🙂

Vanessa 🙂

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  1. November 30, 2010 1:49 pm

    looks like you had a good trip 🙂

  2. November 30, 2010 2:43 pm

    Fun to read about another blogger’s adventures in Cville! I was at Mud yesterday too, but the one downtown

    • November 30, 2010 3:14 pm

      It’s a great town!! I’m at the Mud downtown now! I wasn’t going to come down today because of the crummy weather but, it’s not so bad! Had the Santa Monica Salad at Eppie’s by the way! It was yummy!


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