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So long, Farewell…

December 1, 2010

I’m a little sad I had to leave C’ville so quick!! [Or so it seemed]. I had fun for the rest of my time in this great town though.  Originally I was not going to go downtown because of the weather.  However I decided why not, I had nothing else to do.  While driving I found this cemetery that I thought would make some neat pictures because it was gloomy out.  What do you think?!

I also saw this cool Victorian style house.

Once I found a place to park, I walked toward the downtown pedestrian mall. The weather wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Yes it was overcast. Yes it was misting. Yes it was windy. Ok so maybe it was bad.

I ventured over to get some food.  I remember hearing about the restaurant Eppie’s.  It has a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads and veggies.  [Their collards and mac and cheese are suppose to be good.] I decided to go with something a little more light. I got the Santa Monica Salad!

Awesome salad combo! Spinach, dates, corn, tomatoes, cheese, champagne vinaigrette, .

I walked around and went in a few shops and boutiques. Lots of cute stuff but nothing I needed. I loved this one clothing store called Bittersweet.  If I wasn’t layered with clothing I would have tried stuff on, but I was too cold. Stopped in at the Mudhouse downtown to warm up with some coffee. I have to say I like the Crozet location better.  Much more roomier and I like the feel of it better.  The downtown one seemed cramped and dark.

I left the mall and headed back up towards the Barracks Shopping Center area. Got a few things done and went back to the house. For dinner we just had a pizza, nothing photo worthy. However there was a little fur ball that was quite the celebrity…

She’s really not a scary dog, she just pretends to be. If only she could speak words…

After dinner we made some pudding and put them in disposable Starbucks cups.  We let Maggie lick the cup.

Haha looks like we have another addict on our hands!!

Oh and this wasn’t near half the pictures I took of her. She’s just so photogenic!!

Boy has it been W-I-N-D-Y !!  The door pretty much flew open last night! Craziness.

Woke up today and packed up my stuff and said by to my friend and the fur ball 😦  Filled up the car with some gas and headed to get my last fill of MUD!

This place was dead today.  I had my coffee with a veggie and cheese quiche today.  YUM! I love quiche.

I wanted to get a baked good to go.  I’ve been eyeing these bad boys since I started coming here.

GIANT peanut butter and double chocolate cookies! Oh my. With that, I was on my way…

Can I just tell you how quickly I got home today?! I left a little after 1 pm and got home at 5:40 pm!!! Wowweee! Of course I took some pictures on the way home:

Ok look at the sun rays coming out of the sky! It’s like the heavens were opening up or something. Pretty cool.

So when I had a predetermined dinner I was going to make.  I had some sweet potatoes, so I just roasted those with curry, salt and pepper, olive oil and garlic gold nuggets.  I cooked up some pesto tortellini [that have been in my freezer forever!]. My favorite part of the meal was the brussel sprouts [I know, EW right?].

I’ve been seeing this brussel sprouts salad everywhere and knew I had to try it.  I usually am against brussel sprouts, probably because when I’ve always eaten them they were prepared the wrong way. I really dug this method.  All I did was shred up the sprouts [I did them with a knife, but you can do it in a food processor or mandoline.] I rendered bacon, threw in some onion, sauteed the sprouts, added a touch of cinnamon.  I made a simple vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar, evoo, whole grain mustard, sugar. Tossed it all together, and nom nom nom. It reminded me of like sauerkraut or braised cabbage. [I love both].

Dessert was a given

Now I need to get my life back together in time to go back to work in the AM. Ugh. And it’s freezing. Turned up the heat just a tad! [Shh!] Top Chef All Stars starts tonight!! Such a good cast!


Vanessa 🙂

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