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Ice Ice Baby

December 16, 2010

No, not the annoyingly addictive Vanilla Ice song.  I’m talking about the weather here in Charlotte today!! There were so many accidents today on the roads.  I’m glad I A) Was at the lake today, B) I did not have to go to work and C) I was not involved in any of them!! What a mess.

Woke up and was feeling like something different for breakfast.  It started with a fried egg.

It ended up on a piece of toast with salsa on top and some cheese.

Who doesn’t love a runny egg yolk?!

Breakfast was accompanied by a glass of *pulp free* OJ.

After breakfast it was time to make an old favorite..


You roll the dough out really thin, cut them into two inch strips and form them into little bowties.

These are a classic Polish cookie recipe, so we went to the source.

Then you fry them in some oil and let them drain on paper towels.

And coat them with powdered sugar. [I have a heavy hand 🙂 ]

After the chrusciki making, I had to put the finishing touches on the holiday gifts!

Of course it was a project trying to send all the packages.  Finding the right boxes for everything. Finding the cheapest way to send them.  Feels good to have them sent though!!

I then went to get my car battery tested, [remember when I was having car trouble the other day?]  Well my battery was definitely on the fritz, so I got that replaced.  More money out the window. Ugh!!

I needed something uplifting.  So we went to a bagelshop/deli for a nosh. This place prides itself on being like a New York bagel shop. Pretty cool.

Got the usual from here, Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a bagel!  Jersey style!!!!!!


Ok I was happy now.

After we went to poke around a few stores for some last minute shopping. Picked up a few things, like this gift to myself:

Band of Brothers for $29.99!! That’s a deal for this series! I love how this is made.  I love the history.  I love the cast. If you haven’t seen it, you need to, immediately.

Had a Mocha latte before dinner.

For dinner my craving was fulfilled.

Fish Tacos.

Homemade slaw.

Siracha aioli.

Seared Cod.

Ah these were so good! I had two big tacos!! For dessert I had coffee and chruscikis of course!!

Not sure what tomorrow will be like. Hopefully not all iced over again..




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  1. December 17, 2010 7:59 am

    I have been looking at weather reports and it looks so freezing cold in Charlotte for all or you warm weather people ;), I live in Pittsburgh and the wind chill was 2 degrees the other day-brrr! I have only cooked one polish dish: stuffed cabbage.. but now I want to try your chrusciki, mmm!!! All of your pictures are wonderful .. especially the mocha latte!! Ahh!

    • December 17, 2010 11:59 am

      Thanks! Mmh love stuffed cabbage!! Chrusciki are SO easy to make, definitely give them a go! Two degrees?? Aye. I used to live in New Jersey but after being down here for a few years I may be a warm weather convert..

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