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A Day Full of New Things

December 17, 2010

Boy did I sleep hard last night.  Definitely needed some coffee this morning.

After this my camera died. Forgot to charge the battery, whoops.  So I didn’t photograph breakfast. Wasn’t that exciting anyways.

Decided it was a good day to burn holiday scented candles.

Cinnamon spice candle.  Compliments of Pier 1, circa 2006?

Bought this jar of Vanilla Pear Butter yesterday.

I can’t even tell you how many “butters” I’m hoarding at the moment.

So last night when I got home, the biggest box ever was on my doorstep.

I’ve been needing a new vacuum for a long time. Opened the box…

A new Hoover vacuum!! Thanks Mom! The colors remind me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Random, I know.

I was on the phone with my friend when I opened the box. She said I should try to climb in it and take a picture.  So I did.

Exhibit A.

Ignore my goofy pajama pants. They’re flannel and comfortable. I like them.

Ok so I didn’t exactly fit. But I tried.

Ate one of these for a snack.

Mailed my Christmas Cards!! [Yes they finally came.] And ventured over to Crate + Barrel. Love this store.

Bought a few little things. Nothing grand.

After there I went over to Earthfare to pick up some things needed for dinner! Then drove over to a few more stores. Love how everything is decorated for Christmas!

Ran into a horse and carriage!  Mrs. Clause was on the back. Kind of random.

Picked up one of these up while I was out.

Love IZZE!! Blackberry and Clementine are my favorite flavors.

I was pretty excited for dinner tonight.  I’ve been meaning to try this Vegan Mac and “Cheese” ever since I’ve seen it in Oh She Glows and Edible Perspective. So tonight was finally the night. I kind of did an adaptation from both Oh She Glows and Edible Perspective’s recipes.  You guys should totally check their pages for the recipe!

It involved:

The new Vita Mix!!

I used it for the breadcrumbs and the cheese sauce.  Love.

Fresh breadcrumbs via Vita Mix!

Nutritional Yeast. Eek. Not really.

Vegan Cheese Sauce

The assembled mac and cheese! Lots of paprika on top.

Bake covered for about 30 minutes.

Eat a chrusciki while you wait and do the dishes.

After 30 minutes, top the mac with breadcrumbs and broil until crispy. And then you get this.

Ok, I know what you all are thinking. Mac and cheese without the cheese? Ew.  And before making this I probably would have said the same thing. But seriously guys, this was really good. Obviously I am not a vegan.  I eat cheese in huge amounts.  But for what this was, it was awesome!! I would definitely make this again!

Would it have been wrong if this was my spoon I ate this with?? Well don’t worry I didn’t.

This recipe was easy enough where you could make different variations of it.  Love that I made this and know how to make a creamy mac and cheese that resembles the real thing! [Almost].

At Earthfare I bought a new beer.  Obviously I had to quality test it.

Bell’s Christmas Ale.

I really liked Bell’s Oberon Ale, so I figured this had to be good.

Tasted it.

Thumbs up!

Probably going to watch some Band of Brothers, clean up a bit and eat some more holiday cookies!!


Vanessa 🙂



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