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Snow Filled Sunday

December 26, 2010

It’s Sunday and Christmas is over. Now what?!

It really doesn’t feel like Christmas has come and gone.  It’s still surreal to me not being home in New Jersey for Christmas. We’ve had the same routine for so long that now it’s not the same. Now Christmas is all about the food for me.  Which I guess isn’t so bad.

My power went out a few times last night.  At one point I woke up out of a dead sleep because I hear a loud bang.  I opened my eyes and saw the tv, clocks and everything flash off! Freaked me out!! Thank goodness I set my cell phone alarm, or else I may have not gotten up!!

I do have a slew of sugary leftovers though.  Sugary leftovers are perfect for breakfast 🙂

A big mug of coffee and a homemade traditional biscotti!! I love the combination of biscotti and coffee. Mmh.

I woke up early because I knew I would have some work to do this morning. It continued to snow last night even after I got home. So I had a few inches of snow and ice to clean off my car. It was a winter wonderland out there today!

It was so pretty with all of the white covered trees!

I got all bundled up to scrape my car!

Excuse my squinty eyes.  The combination of the daylight and the white snow was sort of blinding.  Plus I have really sensitive eyes.

Work was horrible today.  People did not want to commute to work today, so we were quite short staffed.  I can’t blame them, because who wants to go to work A) On the Sunday after Christmas and B) When it’s snowing.  The roads ended up not being as bad as everyone made them out to be though.  I drove to work and I have a smaller car, without four wheel drive.  Anyways, I was the only one prepping today.  I multitasked as best I could, but I don’t think I got more than half of the prep done in the four hours I had.  Point of this story?  Tomorrow is going to suck!!!  They’re better be an endless supply of coffee tomorrow. Just saying…

After work I got gas and met up with some family at the mall. I really didn’t need anything and really could care less about the sales, but I needed to get my winter coat that I stupidly left over their house yesterday! [Doh!]  I didn’t go in a lot of stores, but the stores I did go in, I wasn’t overly impressed the sales.  I don’t know maybe it’s just me. I just hate “fighting the crowds”.  It’s just materialistic things.  If you have the patience, power to you!  You are far better than me.

I need coffee STAT!! We drove over to Dean & Deluca to get some and to chat and browse the incredibly expensive products they had to offer.  I found a jar of Vanilla Pear butter that I bought a week or so ago for $8 at Dean & Deluca.  I paid $2 for mine!! Score for me!  I do like to “window shop” there though.

The shopping center looked so pretty with the fresh snow and tree all lit up!

I need a fast dinner tonight.  Looked in my fridge.  Eggs. Green bell pepper.  Shallots. Potatoes. Cheese. Tomatoes.

Cue Frittata.

Chunked up some potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and sauteed those until just tender.

Added some garlic, paprika, salt and pepper.  Then I added two eggs and topped with cheese.

Holy yum.  Topped with a little more cheese and hot sauce!

For dessert [not like I needed it!!]  I had an assortment of treats ala Mazzocchi family.

A tri-color cookie, biscotti, chocolate covered pretzels.  Gosh I can’t stop eating this stuff. I’m obsessed with the tri-color cookies.  I haven’t had them in ages!

I need to do the dishes that are sitting in my sink and fold some laundry.  Then I might cuddle up with my pillow in bed and watch a movie or read something.  I need to get my rest for tomorrow.  Although I’m fairly certain no matter how rested I am,  Monday will still kick my butt!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

Question: Is there anything YOU readers would like to see on the blog?? Since I’m still fairly new, I’d love to hear questions, comments, suggestions from all of you!!

Have a good night!!

Vanessa 🙂

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  1. December 27, 2010 10:16 am

    The snow looks so pretty! And you are right, with the white snow and sun it creates a bad glare and sunglasses are needed!
    That tri-color cookie looks so good!

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