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Outside the Box

December 28, 2010

I wanted an old favorite for breakfast today..


I made it in the VitaMix, but didn’t have a to go cup, so I used my Magic Bullet cup.

Contents were: Frozen strawberries, pineapples, peanut butter, yogurt, orange juice, banana.

It was a short prep day at work, so there really wasn’t time for pictures.  I shredded a lot of cabbage [green and white], cut acorn squash, grilled asparagus and just tried to get organized amongst other things.

After work I headed over to Trader Joe’s because I was in need of coffee.  Of course it’s impossible to walk out with only what you meant to buy.  I figured today was a good day to try a food that was outside of my box.

I went with tempeh.

This was a 3 grain tempeh, with brown rice, barley, millet and soybeans. Not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to try it, but what’s the worst that could happen?? I wouldn’t like it.  No use crying over spilled milk.

I was searching for an easy recipe, full of flavor.  I would have came up with something myself, but never having cooked tempeh, I didn’t know what to expect.  I came across a recipe from 101 Cookbooks. Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh. [Check out her site for the recipe.]

This is what tempeh looks like. I just sliced it into thin triangles.

Orange juice? Ginger? Garlic? Mirin? Soy?  Sold.

Pan fried the tempeh in olive oil until golden brown.

While the tempeh was frying, I went to dig out a new dish I got for Christmas! I thought this dinner would look awesome on it!!!

I flipped the tempeh over and added the orange juice mixture.

It was smooth sailing from there.  I just let the tempeh continue cooking until it got glazey. [Is that even a word???]

To go with it, I boiled up some quinoa in some salted water.  I needed a little veg in my life, so I quick sauteed some spinach with olive oil and garlic gold nuggets.

Doesn’t it look so glazey?!?

What’s the verdict you ask??  I actually liked it.  The orange glaze reminded me of a sauce you would get at a Chinese restaurant.  Other than that, I think the tempeh tastes really bland on it’s own.  I guess it’s like tofu, it takes on the flavor that you give it.  I would buy it again, just not ALL the time. Glad I bought it today though!!

I cleaned up from dinner and was looking through the boxes I have in my living room right now.  I figured I’d show some Christmas gifts that weren’t shown yet!!

Circle kabobs!! I’ve always seen these, but never bought them! I just need a grill and summertime!!

Trio of Christmas books! I remember Christmas Shoes and these are all by the same author! Look forward to reading them!

A camera lens fund was started!! Now if only I could decided on which one to get next!! 50 mm Macro or bigger telephoto?? Gahhh.

Cute little pepper coasters!! They are colorful and almost match the plates I got! [The one tonight’s dinner was served on!]

Gosh, you know you’re getting old when practical items and household decor make your heart soar.  The same way new toys used to when we were kids.

Can you believe it’s almost the new year??? 2010 was a rough year, especially financially.  So here’s hoping 2011 is better!! I was never one to make a whole list of resolutions. But there are a few things I’d like to see happen.

-Read more books!!! I used to love to read and very rarely do it anymore.  Now I tend to start a book and stop halfway through it.

-Make this blog something really great!!

-Hone my photography skills. Maybe make a lightbox.  Maybe take a class or two. Most definitely get a new lens!!

-Of course, it’s typically cliche to say “lose weight”.  I just want to be at a healthy, comfortable weight.

-Money pending.  I would love to take some trips to some new places!! Wherever they may be!!

And that’s all I got!!!

Tomorrow is game day!! So it will be of course, a late night post!!

Have a great night!

Vanessa 🙂

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