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Here’s Hoping

December 31, 2010

It’s here. New Year’s Eve. Crazy huh?

I had work early today.  I was up before the sun was.  I’ve always said there was something wrong with that whole scenario. I did take a few more pictures from the parking deck today again.  Although it made me realize that I really need a better lens. I yearn for a bigger zoom!! Maybe one day, sigh…

Even though work was early, it was super easy!  The time seemed to go sooo slow though.  Ended up being pretty productive though. And of course I would not have gotten through the day without old faithful.  COFFEE!!!

Ok this was not my mug, it was Jaime’s, but I want one!! I love Wawa.  No one ever seems to know what Wawa is.  It’s like a combination gas station, deli, convenience store.  It’s awesome!! It’s generally up north on the east coast [Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.].  I definitely miss that place.  Many late night munchie cravings were spent there.  Ahh memories.

We came up with the genius idea to make breakfast!!

Smoked Cheddar and smoked gouda were involved.

Pretzel rolls were toasted.


Final result.  Two sandwiches: Egg and bacon on both.  One with smoked gouda.  One with smoked Cheddar.  Delish. I love the breakfast sandwich. It’s a staple in my life.

Since it was an early game and NYE, service was really slow.  I thought it would never end. But it did, thank God.

I wasn’t sure what I would do tonight.  After pondering for a while, I decided to go with a laid back NYE.  There’s plenty of other years to get crazy right??

I’ve had this bottle of Asti Champagne in my fridge for like two years.  Figured I’d pop it open and say goodbye to 2010!! [Thank God!!]

I love wine corks.

I’m glad to say bye to 2010.  It was rough and kind of a “limbo” sorta year.  I’m convinced 2011 will be better!! It’s got to be right?? In starting this blog towards the end of 2010, I hope it will continue to bring the positive back into my life.   Even though it’s not as popular as some others out there, I enjoy writing and taking pictures.  Maybe one day it will get popular, or maybe it will be more of a personal thing.  At any rate, I’m glad I started it.  And for those of you who do read Life Undeveloped, I thank you and am grateful for your loyalty and support!! Maybe I found a new calling in life?? Who knows what this will bring, but I am ready to find out in the new year!!! Hope you all have a fun and safe NYE!!!

Here’s hoping 2011 will bring happiness, faithfulness and positivity in all our lives!!


Vanessa 🙂

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  1. December 31, 2010 8:50 pm

    Happy New Years to you too!!

    I am also SUPER grateful that 2010 is over… what a crappy year (mostly)…
    2011 holds so many great things, I can feel it!! 🙂

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