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Rock stars

January 3, 2011

Today was SO crazy.  So crazy that I did not snap any flippin pictures.

Except this one…

Elton John “Tiny Dancer” is my happy song!  It reminds me of the movie ‘Almost Famous’ [which is one of my all time favorite movies!!]

We had a few big reservations at the restaurant so we knew were in for it tonight. We prepped hard and good.  Even though service was probably one of the busiest nights we’ve had thus far, it seemed really easy.  The rock stars totally dominated today 🙂  I prefer when it’s busy because the time goes fast.  When it’s slow it’s just drags on horribly.

I sort of felt like Colette in Ratatouille today…

I was in one of those harsh moods. I wanted everything to be flawless and to go according to plan.

Went for a couple beers with rock star Jaime after work.  Mmh. Yuengling. Tasted so good after a long day at work.  I have off tomorrow so I’m not sure what I want to do.  A good dinner is obvious.  Any ideas??  I am toying around with the idea of going to see a movie tomorrow.  Maybe Black Swan?? I really want to see it and it’s playing at a theater near me.  Who knows.

Sorry for the short and rather boring post.  I really slacked off blogging today.  Sometimes there’s only so much you can do.. I promise tomorrow will be better!!

Until tomorrow…

Vanessa 🙂

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