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You Snooze You Lose

January 5, 2011

The snooze button went off way too much this morning.  My plan was to get up a little earlier and get some things done around the apartment before work.  Yea, that didn’t happen!!!

What did happen was pancakes round two.

Chocolate chip pancakes.  Oh yes.

Topped with almond butter, pecans, more chocolate chips, maple syrup.  Is this still even considered breakfast?!

Coffee was so good today.

In one of my favorite mugs 🙂

I finally made it to work for a lax kind of day.  I made a prep list for the upcoming menu.  We had a super small party today with the simplest menu.  Hot dogs with the fixings and snack attack [popcorn, kettle chips, etc.]  So I had to set up a chef table for it.

This is the before picture.

Before I windexed the glass, filled the vases, and wiped down the tables.

I needed some tuneage.

Cue Bon Jovi!!

About halfway through I took a lunch break.

Fried squash, pork chop over rice and black bean hummus with artichoke salad.  I finished everything but the pork chop and rice.

This is the After picture, without the food items.

Still looks sorta empty.  When it’s full it looks so much better.  I promise.

I put some green tomatoes in this big vase and filled it with water. The tomatoes look so much more magnified with the water effect.

Take note to the left.  It’s my favorite little tree.  I call it the Charlie Brown tree.  You know like the Christmas tree Charlie Brown has?? Bare and all.  This is a [fake] olive tree, but still the same!!

Filled a vase with wispy stems.

The glass risers for the round piece of glass has bell peppers in them.

Then I added some cherry tomatoes to these small block risers.

I wasn’t able to get a shot with the food on the table. [Sorry].  I’m horrible, I know.

I got out of work around 6pm.  I was going to go to the grocery store but figured that can wait until tomorrow. That way I can develop my shopping list a little more.  So tonight I was forced to eat leftovers. Whenever I eat leftovers I try to make it a little different each time, that way I don’t get bored of eating it.

Cholula made her appearance.  This is one of my favorite hot sauces.

So like yesterday I had saffron rice and the chicken sausage and beans mixture.  To make it a little different, I fried an egg and put it on top of everything.

Yes, I’m still obsessed with putting fried eggs on things.  This made a weird combination of flavors even weirder, but in a good way.  I love the runny yolk and how it coats everything it touches.  Brings it to a whole new level!!

I’ve been going back in time tonight by watching the former tv series, ER.  I have the first two seasons on dvd.  It’s actually sort of cool.  It’s like I’m watching it all for the first time again.  Anyone else love this show??  George Clooney is in the first few seasons. Swoon..

Had another cup of peppermint tea. Mmh. I really need to get my act together tomorrow and get up at a descent time and get things done!! I have such a long “to do” list it’s disgusting.  If I cannot manage to make a from scratch, sensible dinner tomorrow, I should really just reconsider my career. [Joking].

New Top Chef tonight at 10pm!!  I love Fabio and his fabulous pillows made out of potato [aka gnocchi].  I love his accent and how he talks and butchers some of the english language!! It’s so cute. Ok I’m done.

See you all tomorrow 🙂


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  1. January 5, 2011 11:34 pm

    I loved ER. I don’t think any tv show made me cry as much as the one when DR. Green died! aha

    Your table looks great, I love the color of the tomatoes, made it so fresh looking!

    • January 6, 2011 9:55 am

      Oh man! I can no longer listen to that “Over the Rainbow” song without feeling sad because of Dr. Green!!! Thanks:-)

  2. January 6, 2011 5:56 am

    very cleaver…

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