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January 17, 2011

Ok so quick post!

Dinner was nothing new but so good.  I fried up the rest of the tempeh from yesterday and took some leftover cous cous tossed it with spinach and cauliflower.  Topped it with the homemade tomato sauce and cheese.   Surprisingly delicious cous cous and tempeh bake!

Remember what I said earlier.  Throw things in a pan and don’t measure.  You might surprise yourself!

Ok I really wanted to talk about dessert.  Got inspired by How Sweet It Is.

Chocolate Dipped Cuties aka Clementines.

Just peel the cuties.

Make a pyramid and have a photo shoot [optional].

Then just segment them and take some of the pith off.

“The ants go marching one by one. Hurrah hurrah.”

I melted some chocolate.  Half milk and half dark chocolate.

Then just dip one end of the cutie in the pool of chocolate nirvana.

Sprinkle a little sea salt if you like. I did.

The I just put them in the fridge until the chocolate hardened. So good!! Quick and totally fills my chocolate craving.

I had a little extra chocolate so I just threw in some almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt.


I chilled these guys too and broke it up into “bark” like pieces.

Funny thing happened today. I was running to pick up the phone in the other room.  As I was running through the doorway my swinging fist literally punched the doorframe.  Needless to say I fell to my knees, the call was missed and I screamed.  I cut my knuckle open.  It wasn’t bad though, just more annoying than anything.  My wrist has been hurting ever since then though. It doesn’t seem seriously swollen, so I’m just going to say I bruised it and hopefully it feels better.

So I get the “special” award of the day.

Thank God those frozen peas are good for something. [Iceing my wrist.]

Question: I’m thinking of purchasing my own domain, but still blogging through WordPress. My main reason behind that is to have my own domain and having it be open to sponsors like Foodbuzz, etc.  I don’t know much about how to go about that.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Either leave a comment or email me at vsmith623@yahoo [dot] com.  Thanks so much guys!!


Vanessa 🙂

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  1. January 18, 2011 9:21 am

    I’ve been seeing the orange + chocolate combination everywhere lately. It makes me wish I liked that combination. I love oranges (especially clems), I love chocolate. But put them together and it just doesn’t do it for me. Now, raspberries dipped in chocolate are another story. You may have inspired me to give that a try. 🙂

    • January 18, 2011 4:17 pm

      Usually I’m not a fan of the orange flavored chocolate bars out there. But the clems are amazing!! I bet you the raspberries would be good! Who am I kidding, anything covered in chocolate is delicious!! 🙂

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