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All About Comfort

January 24, 2011

Today was all about comfort!

I slept in. I stayed in sweatpants until I felt like it. I cuddled up on the couch and watched TV.

Last night my friend that lives in C’Ville came into town and brought me a very belated Christmas present.

Mudhouse Survival Kit!! LOVEEEEE!

Not only did I get fresh, aromatic MUDbeans.  I also got a hot travel mug and a water bottle!!

Yep.  This totally went along with the comfort theme of today. 🙂

Last night my friend and I went to grab a bite at a favorite Charlotte restaurant, Cantina 1511.

I swear I get the same thing every time I go there. Chicken Milanese Tacos.

I didn’t eat all of it so I was pumped to have them for leftovers today!

A leftover taco and rice and beans with some extra guacamole on top!

Lunch was followed by one of these scouts.

They are extra delicious when kept in the freezer! Mmh.

I spent most of the day changing my sheets, doing laundry and cleaning up.  I had the tv on most of the day too.  I almost died when this movie came on!!

Seriously, when was the last time you saw Austin Powers??

I was cracking up at this movie. Especially since we were just talking about it at work few games ago.

I definitely wanted some comfort for dinner.

I remembered I had a head of green cabbage in my fridge.  SCORE!

Cue a childhood classic!

I just shredded up a half of the head.

Melted some butter in a pan.

Then I popped the cabbage in the buttery pan.

While the cabbage was getting buttery, I boiled up some egg noodles.

I gave the cabbage a few stirs and let it get all caramelized.

Once done, I just mixed together the cabbage and noodles and wallah dinner is served!

I used to have this for dinner all of the time growing up.  I love this stuff.

It’s not very healthy.  It might be slightly unappealing to some of you…

It’s all comfort to me…

While I was eating dinner, I wondered why I don’t serve caramelized cabbage with more things.  It’s insanely delicious.  I can’t wait to use the other half of the cabbage for other things.

Gossip Girl comes back on tonight [I think]. I hate when shows take an extended break from airing new episodes.  It’s such a buzzkill.

I’m brainstorming new cold menu ideas for work since I have the time this week.  For those who don’t know, I run the cold side of the line of one of the restaurants at work.  So most of the items I do are salads.  Most people just think of lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.  I want to make some different, fun, new things! I want to prove all those salad haters wrong out there!!

Anyways, that’s what I’m going to do. While watching GG.

Goodnight readers!

Leave me a comment with YOUR favorite salad!!

Vanessa 🙂

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  1. January 24, 2011 9:24 pm

    My favorite salad is my Spinach Salad with a Maple Balsamic Dressing. Come check out my recipes page on my blog… so yummy and very versitile.

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