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January 26, 2011

Today was one of those horrible, gloomy days where I just did not feel like rising out of bed.  Alas the smell of coffee lured me out per usual.  I needed to do a few things around the apartment and then realized I needed start my journey up to the lake.

Hence a grab n’ go breakfast.

Two clementines and a cashew cookie Larabar.  This was my first Larabar, and I really liked it.  I definitely will be buying more of these in the future.

One of my main reasons for going towards the lake today was to get the long awaited haircut.  [Cue the Psycho shower scene music.]

Decided to take a quick before picture. I never realized how long my hair got.  This picture is horrifying.

It is even more horrifying that I just showed you all it.

On my way to the salon, I was starved. So me and my Aunt stopped at an Italian delicatessen type place.  We order a pepperoni roll and a spinach roll.  We split each half and half.  Mmh.

I apologize for the horrible picture.  The car was moving, I had no hands and I was starving. Needless to say these got inhaled in record timing.

I always like to look for a picture of a hairstyle that I like and print it out to give to the hair stylist. It gives them a better idea of what I’m after and the type of style I like.

It’s a great guideline and then from there I just clarify a length and stuff. Works like a charm.  Today I was channeling some Natalie Portman.

After sitting in the chair for a half hour or so, I got up, looked down at the animal I just shed off my head and then looked in the mirror. I loved it.

Of course it was still rainy so the weather totally killed the fresh haircut affect that I was sporting.  Plus with the wind, I felt like I was bald because I cut off, oh i don’t know, eight or so inches from my head!!

Here is the after shot.

It was much more voluminous before the rain, but it’ll have to do.

Time for a latte!

I had just a regular latte with a splash of amaretto flavoring in it. Mmh. I love these things.

My Aunt recently just got back from a visit to Singapore.  She brought me back a few things.

Truffle Salt.

I can’t wait to sprinkle this on everything.

Two types of loose tea.

Osmanthus black tea and Chrysanthemum green tea.

Looking forward to brewing these soon!

This is the year of the rabbit!! So you know they have rabbits everyone in Sinapore!

So now I have one for my apartment.  Hopefully it will bring me luck.

While I was waiting for dinner, I walked around the kitchen and shot a few pictures.

Glass full of ice.

Patiently waiting for some fizzy water to go with it.

Stack of green apples.

We snacked on a few of these Italian cookies.

Full of that anise flavor!

Not sure what Winnie is looking up at.

Looks funny though.

To go with dinner, we needed dunkage sopage.  [Yes I know I just made that word up.]

Bread does the trick.

This empty, sad bowl would not be empty for long..

What’s for dinner?


Oh how I love bouillabaisse!! So good and so flavorful!

This was full of shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, cod, and other goodies.

I may or may not have had two helpings of this.  And two three slices of bread.

After dinner we watched a little tv and had some dessert [cookies] and coffee and tea.  Then I made my way back home to find that Top Chef was a re-run?!?!  What the hell!!!!!  Boo.

It is time for bed. The best friend arrives tomorrow!!!! Yay!! Hopefully the snow clears up enough for her to fly out of Newark! Crossing my fingers!!!


Vanessa 🙂

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  1. January 27, 2011 1:01 am

    Hair looks awesome..and thanks for letting me know it was your salmon patties… great recipe. 🙂

  2. maralee permalink
    January 27, 2011 11:15 am

    i love the haircut vanessa! Sounds like you guys had a great day. Bouillabaise, REALLY? Without ME? you guys suck! haha

    • January 27, 2011 11:46 am

      Thanks 🙂 Hahaha.. I’ve been waiting for this bouillabaisse ever since we were suppose to have it for Christmas Eve!!!! You guys had fun in Singapore without me!!

  3. January 30, 2011 12:54 am

    I have a deep and abiding admiration for anyone who can master bouillabaisse.

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