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Sunday Funday

January 30, 2011

Helloo everyone!

Rewind back to last night’s dinner.

We gathered the ingredients to make some pizza!!

Hummus, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, red onion, olive tapenade, pesto, spinach, roasted shallots.

I bought some already made pizza dough from TJ’s.  We drizzled some olive oil on it and baked it until almost done.

Then we took it out and layered the ingredients on the crust.  Starting with the hummus as the base layer.

Then we just layered the pizza however we felt like it.

The finished product was delish!! I had two slices!! It really was so much better than a frozen pizza and it didn’t take that much longer!!

We then had some tea and broke into our box of goodies from Amelie’s.  We ate this key lime meringue tart. SO good!! The meringue was so fluffy and marshmellowy.  <–not a word!

We also ate a coconut macaroon and the salted caramel brownie.

We took a few funny pictures.

Notice the side ponytail.  It’s how she rolls.

Katrina caught me blogging in action.

We watched Shutter Island [which I really liked] and then went to bed.


Today we had some cinnamon chip toast for breakfast, showered and headed on our way.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS out today!! Such crazy weather for January.  So we decided to do something outdoors.

We went over to Birkdale Village to walk the shops and grab some lunch.

Everything was so pretty!

This wall was a display in a clothing boutique.

Looked so cool in person.

Hung out on the benches for a while.


Decided to have lunch over at Eez.

We weren’t in the mood for sushi, so we went a little heavy on the carbs aka noodles!

I had a side salad with ginger dressing and the pad thai with chicken.

Katrina had the sweet basil beef [I think that’s what it was called].

Love the carrot curls.

Umm do you see what I see?


Opening February 11th!!!!  Cannot wait for fudge and creamy ice cream!

We went to TCBY for dessert.

I filled my cup with a few samplings of flavors.  Although I was a little disappointed.  I put a few chocolate covered raisins in the mix and I’m almost sure they were stale. Yuck.

We had the movies on the brain today!

To prepare we went to Target and got refreshments.

Water, goldfish, chips

Smuggling in action!! So worth it.

We were a little early getting to the theater.  When we walked in we were the only ones there!! We got a little out of control.

My loot.



Don’t mind if I do.  Kinda nice having a whole row to yourself.


The movie was really cute.  I love Natalie Portman and I wish I were just as skinny as her. Sigh.

Now we’re home and about to dig into our bakery goodies round #2.

I have to go into work tomorrow for a few hours, so see ya tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Amy permalink
    January 31, 2011 8:23 am

    HI! I recently came across your blog through KathEats, and I just want to say I think your blog is amazing (I’ve read through most of it).

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful – and you look gorgeous in that picture with a park bench in the background.

    You also have the greatest job 🙂 It’s cool to get a unique view from someone who works in the food industry and to be able to see the delightful-looking creations you come up with. Who knew salads could be so photogenic 😉

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for doing what do you, for sharing your love of food with us, and keep it up =) I hope this blog develops in popularity because I certainly believe it deserves to do so.

    • January 31, 2011 5:00 pm

      Thanks so much for all of the kind words!! I’m so glad you stumbled upon me! I hope the blog develops too!! 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading!

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