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All in a Day’s Work

February 4, 2011

Ok so today was crazy busy.  I mean like really crazy.

I don’t think I sat down all day.

Anything I ate today was standing up.

We produced double the amount of food for tonight’s game.

I don’t want to see another piece of lettuce…EVER!

I couldn’t have done it without m rock stars!! They were AWESOME today!! Thanks guys!

I really didn’t take but a couple of pictures. I was running all day!!

I took a picture of these marinated kalamata olives.

They are marinated with rosemary, thyme, garlic, EVOO, roasted shallots.  Mmh Mmh good!

So do you remember the butternut squash on “steroids” from yesterday??

Well today we had jicama on “steroids”.

This things was as big as my head.  I put an avocado on top of in hopes of showing you the size comparison.

Crazy stuff I tell you.

I finally got home around 10:15 ish.

I arrived home to another package!

Kath’s nut butter!!

It came in a cute mason jar [obsessed!] with a little note!

Of course I dove into it.

It’s salty and chunky and full of peanuty flavor!

This made the day better for sure!!

Speaking of Kath….

Have you check out KERF today?

The cinnamon vanilla sunflower butter [I made the other day] recipe was on her blog today!

If you love cinnamon and vanilla and have a nut butter addiction [like me!], then you will LOVE this recipe!

Check it out on KERF

If any of you readers make it, let me know how it turns out.  I defnitely guesstimated the amounts of the spices and stuff, but it’s close!  It’s all based on YOUR taste anyways! Customize it however you like!!

Ok readers, I am spent. I wish I had more interesting things to share with you, but my body is telling me to get in my bed and RELAX!

I have another game tomorrow night, so expect another late night post!

See you tomorrow!!!!!

Vanessa 🙂

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