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February 5, 2011

Here’s how my morning went…

Woke up. Heard the rain outside and wanted to go back to bed.

Showered. Drank coffee.

Realized my kitchen sink was clogged.  Looked at the pile of laundry in my room. Saw the piles of mess surrounding me.

Brushed my teeth.


Tears were shed, venting commenced. I was exhausted.

I had to go to work this morning.

I texted my Aunt and Uncle.  I vented.  They came to my rescue.

They fixed my clog. They cleaned up. They did my laundry. They even folded it.

Suddenly my panic was gone.  I told them I would pay them in cookies and home cooked meals.

I am SO grateful to have had them here!!

So at work I didn’t take many pictures [due to my panicky nature all day].

We baked off crostinis and we got a curly one in the mix!!

Looks so fun and delicious.

Made some raspberry vinaigrette and loved the color!

It’s like neon barbie pink!!

We made some spinach and artichoke dip!

They are extra delish with grilled pita bread.

We sliced some fresh tomatoes and found some “Jersey Fresh” stickers in the box.

In case you’re not aware, I was born and raised in New Jersey, so I was all over this find!

So after my 13 hour “panic attack” day at work, I am finally home.

I put my folded laundry away, checked out my sink, which by the way is super white and clean now!! I’m in awe.

Thank God for family, friends and rock stars! I don’t think I would have gotten through today without any of them!!

Tomorrow is the Superbowl and I have to work a prep day until 3ish.

I’m NOT going out.  I’m coming home, throwing on sweatpants, making food, and parking my behind on the couch. I can’t wait.

Goodnight all!

Vanessa 🙂

P.S.  Did you know today was Word Nutella Day???  I wish I had time to make some nutella baked  goods.  Maybe I’ll just have to celebrate later in the week!

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