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What Superbowl Sunday??

February 6, 2011

I knew today was going to be a long day as soon as I woke up.

Working on Sunday automatically makes it a long day.

I needed some fuel to start my day.  So I made steel cut oats in a jar an almost empty peanut butter jar.

In the mix:  steel cut oats, water, vanilla almond milk, half a banana, vanilla, salt, cinnamon.

Topped with toasted coconut and blueberries.

Repetitive on the toppings, I know.  But they are SO good!

As I was lining up all my dressings for tomorrow’s service, I noticed the array of colors I had going on.

Starting from the left: Lemon tarragon, white balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, and maple vinaigrette

We make all our dressings in house which  I like.  Even though sometimes they are a pain in the you know what.

After taking this picture I made another vinaigrette with an even brighter color.  I’ll have to take a picture of it tomorrow to show you!

Lunch was SO delicious. Tacos!

We chopped and heated up some leftover skirt steak that I grilled from yesterday.  One of the rockstars made some guacamole and spicy salsa!

I love lunches like that.

I got out of work around 3pm and went straight home!

As expected I was pretty worthless after work.  I just laid down and took a small nap.  I woke up in time to make some dinner and do some dishes [yay clean sink!].

I had some leftover sweet potato pancakes from the other day, so I heated those up, sauteed some spinach and fried up two eggs.

Dinner was served.

Yes this was mildly boring.  I need to go food shopping.

I really wanted cookies or brownies tonight.  I have a hard time finding a recipe I love for brownies [plus I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand] so I went with chocolate chip cookies.

I made extra of the cookie dough to save for later in the week.  I just wanted a few tonight.

Little balls of deliciousness.

Don’t worry.  I “took care” of those dirty mixers.

These totally cured my craving.

It’s a really good thing that I didn’t make more of these.

Although I suppose the cookie dough in the fridge is quite lethal on its own.


So how about that Superbowl???


I have not watched a single minute of the game tonight.  I’m just very apathetic towards the whole thing this year.

Plus there’s been some good movies on today:

The Holiday [Seriously, who doesn’t love staring at Jude Law].  Forrest Gump [a classic.].

And I caught a little bit of this psycho Lifetime movie with Kirstie Alley post the Look Who’s Talking days.

Time for bed!! I’m going to sleep like a freaking rock tonight. I’m so excited.

Game night tomorrow. Expect a late post!


Vanessa 🙂

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