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Saturday in Sweatpants

February 12, 2011

This whole kitchen out of commission is really throwing me for a loop.

I mean seriously, I love food.  I’m a cook.  It’s what I do.

I wake up every morning and think of what I’m going to cook that day.

To tell me that I can’t use my kitchen is just wrong.

Anyways, moral of this whole story is I needed a easy, quick breakfast today [one that required the least amount of dishes possible!!].

I saw this Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie on The Edible Perspective and decided to give it a go.

In the mix: rolled oats, cinnamon, banana, vanilla, maple syrup, baking powder, egg white, almond milk, walnuts.

It’s so simple too.  Mash the banana, add your egg white, mix all the other ingredients together.  Nuke it [microwave it] for 1 min 45 seconds.  Flip onto a plate and go crazy with the toppings!

My toppings included:  Sunflower butter, blueberries and [the last] of my toasted coconut!

Yet another kudos to Ashley! 🙂    [[See her site for the original recipe!]]

Lunch needed to be simple too.  I went with a wrap!

I spread some hummus and tapenade on a whole wheat tortilla and topped it with some sliced cucumber.

I sliced some colby jack cheese and ate some corn and chive crackers on the side.

I’m a cheese addict. I love it.

I was totally sucked into the movie marathons on tv today.  It was the cheesy movies too! 27 Dresses, Made of Honor, Cheaper by the Dozen, SATC!!

Needless to say I got nothing done today.

Oh wait, that’s a lie.  I took the trash out!!!

I finished one book and started another.  Kitchen Confidential.

I know this book has been out for an eternity and it’s a bit sacrilege that I’m in the industry and haven’t read it yet. What can I say, better late than never right?

I’m only about 40 pages into it, but it’s cracking me up already.  Some people think it’s a bit crude, rude, and downright wrong.  However working in the industry makes me love this book, because you know what?  It’s ALL true. No fabrication needed.  I’m not saying I’m proud of how cooks can act sometimes, but it comes with the territory.  I’m tame compared to most.

Anyways, if you’re in the restaurant industry and haven’t read this, I highly suggest you pick it up!  I plan to read Anthony Bourdain’s other book Medium Raw when I’m through with this one!


Well I’m going to finish a work prep list for Monday’s [Valentine’s day] game. We face the Lakers.  We are going to get rocked.  Hell, all of Uptown Charlotte will be packed Monday!

Then I’m going to get me some more Anthony Bourdain!


Vanessa 🙂

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day?? [[ I for one am NOT!  I like to think of it as Single’s Awareness Day, nowadays.  It’s lost it’s thrill.]]

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