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Better Late Than Never

February 15, 2011

Sorry for not getting a post up last night!! Yesterday was crazy.  We had the game against the Lakers and Bobcats won! Then a few of us went out for some drinks.  Let’s just say someone [aka ME] had a bit too much to drink and passed out as soon as I got home.  Gosh, I haven’t had a night like that in a very, very long time.  And with how I’m feeling today, I now know why it had been so long.


So a recap of yesterday’s events.

I took a few pictures of work thangs…

I shaved some fennel for a salad.

I love how light and refreshing shaved fennel is!!

I cut the ends off a watermelon and it looked like three hearts.

How fitting for Valentine’s Day.

A few salads of the night…

Watermelon Salad:  Watermelon, orange segments, shaved fennel and radish, mint, balsamic reduction.

The ingredients were out of season so this salad has potential when watermelon is at it’s ripest.

Frisee Salad:  Frisee lettuce, macerated grapefruit, dried cranberries, spiced almonds, citrus vinaigrette.

This salad was a surprising favorite.

Fingerling Potato and Leek Salad: Roasted fingerling potatoes, caramelized leeks, arugula, toasted pine nuts, lemon, basil.

Those small fingerling potatoes are so damn addicting!!

The dining room was screaming Valentine’s Day.  A customer had a bouquet of flowers delivered to the restaurant and staged on a table.

I never did see who sat at the table and if she was surprised.  One year we had a proposal in the dining room.  It was all kinds of “cliche” and not my sorta thing, but it was cute, she said yes, and he was happy.  When I say it’s not my sorta thing, I’m mean that I’m not a fan of the whole public proposal thing.  I guess I’m more of private, personal person when it comes to that sort of stuff.

In the spirit of things, we had a Valentine’s Day dessert table.

We had assorted dessert shooters.

Chocolate mousse, creme brulee and a yogurt, granola and berry shooters.

We had a whole assortment of mini pastries and petit fours.

In addition to that, we had ice cream, cherries jubilee, bananas foster and a chocolate fondue station.

Complete with plenty of dippers.


Kitchen Update:  Today was day 2 of the renovation.  They are hoping to finish up tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course pictures will follow when it’s done and I start to load all my stuff back in.

Speaking of that, anyone have any awesome kitchen organizational tips?? Leave a comment if you do! I need all the help I can get!

Gooodnight all!

Vanessa 🙂

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