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Bright, Sunshiny Day!

February 18, 2011

Today was an all time high for February around these parts!! It was 76 here in Charlotte!! Far from the norm this time of year.

Today was a busy, busy day [but isn’t it always?].

I woke up at 4 am.  Made coffee.   Checked email.  Got ready.

Made it to work around 5:30 am.

By 7 am I was making omelets for people.  I usually hate omelet stations, but it was easy today!

I broke down the omelet station at 10 am and headed back up to the kitchen.

At 10:30 am I was told to make 80 individual flour-less chocolate cakes for tomorrow.  Oye vey.

Baking is SO exact and let’s face it, I am far from being an accomplished baker.  I do have a go to recipe for flourless chocolate cakes, but it only yielded six servings.  So I had to multiply the recipe times like 16.  I went with my calculations and crossed my fingers that it would all work out.

60 eggs, 30 oz. of butter, nearly 10 lbs of chocolate later, chocolate cake was born.

I tested two out to make sure it was edible. It was MORE than edible! Delish! The rest will be baked tomorrow!  [Sorry I took no pictures.  I promise I will when I don’t have to make such a large batch!].

2:30 pm I was off work!!

I got outside and was greeted by these beautiful, sunny skies!!! [It was dark when I went into work, so this was the first time I saw the sun today!].

I cannot believe this was suppose to be a “winter” day.

I took the photo below through my OPEN sun roof!!

I headed straight to my favorite Starbucks!  If you live in Charlotte, the one on East blvd. is fabulous!

I stayed there for a while. Did some computer stuff, talked on the phone, got a caffeine fix.  I probably left around 4:30ish.

I took a few more sky shots.

I got home, called my landlord to see what the kitchen update was.  I can use my sink and kitchen!!!!  There’s a few more cosmetic things to do, but all is done.  He even got my hopes up and said he might try and pick up a new stove tomorrow!! If I come home from work tomorrow and there’s a new stove I might die, really.

I tried to start putting things back in cabinets but lost steam.  I need a professional organizer to help me figure out the best strategy for my small, confined kitchen. It’s just all so overwhelming looking at the big picture.  I really should just take it one thing at a time. Something tells me Sunday will be spent doing a lot of kitchen stuff!


Well tomorrow is another work day!  It’s time to get some shut eye because I’ve been up since 4!!

It’s my friend Katrina’s birthday today!!! Remember her?

Happy Birthday Katrina!!!!!!!!

She’s celebrating in Jersey as we speak!! Wish I could be there!!!! ❤ you!!


Goodnight all!

Vanessa 🙂

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