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In the Zone

February 19, 2011

Work wasn’t quite as early today, thank God.  However work was super busy!!

We had a plated lunch to do. Plated salads.  Plated entrees.  Plated desserts.

I forgot to take a picture of the salad because I was all “in the zone” and all.

It consisted of bibb lettuce, poached pears, candied walnuts, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, chardonnay vinaigrette.

It wasn’t until I was plating the desserts that the lightbulb went off to take pictures!! Duh!!!!

The dessert plate was my flour-less chocolate cake, macerated berries, white chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze on top, sugar garnish and mint sprig.

Here’s the plating in action!

Made about 80 of these bad boys.

My sous chef took this picture below.  He’s got the same camera as me so I let him play with mine a little 🙂

He did snag a good shot!

I think one of my favorite parts of the plate [besides the chocolate cake] was the cool sugar garnish!!

It was cool when we broke it into pieces and held it up to the light.  It really looked like a piece of Picasso’s art in edible form!

Everyone really liked the cake though, yay!! Some people asked for seconds! Not sure how you can have two of these back to back.  They are SO rich!!

I also was in charge of a handful of vegetarian plates.  I was a little crunched for time, so I wasn’t entirely proud of it [hence no pictures], but it tasted good.  It was a herb toasted cous cous with roasted tomatoes and fennel served with grilled eggplant and sauteed spinach.


When I got home there was no new stove [booooo!].  I hung around, checked emails, read blogs, watched tv.  Dirty Dancing was on!  That movie will never get old.  I love Patrick Swayze.

While reading blogs, I got inspired for dinner! Shrimp quesadillas!  Thanks to Jenna at Eat, Live, Run!

I just took two whole wheat tortillas put some sauteed shrimp, peppers and onions on it.  Sprinkled with some goat cheese, colby jack cheese and some [questionable] guacamole from the fridge.

Then I just seared it in a pan on the stove until crispy and warmed through.

Yum, hit the spot!

I’m now watching The Town!! It’s SO good so far!! The whole nun outfit though is a little creepy.  Not gonna lie about that.

Hoping tomorrow will be full of cleaning and organization!!

Goodnight 🙂


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