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Salad Works

February 25, 2011

Hey readers!!!!

I’m a little bit tired tonight.  Worked kicked my butt, again.  Then I went out for a few beers after work, thinking that would help.  Negative, just made me even more sleepy.  Before bed, I thought I’d share some of the favorite salads of the night!!!

Reuben Salad:  Corned beef, pickled cabbage, rye croutons, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, romaine lettuce.

Ok, perhaps new favorite salad??? I don’t know just saying.. I need to make some minor tweaks [mainly with the corned beef], but this tasted amazing!!!!

Marinated Mushrooms: Mix of roasted cremini and button mushrooms in a balsamic marinade, topped with goat cheese and parsley.

People love these! I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms so the balsamic makes these so much better for me.

Hearts of Palm Salad: hearts of palm, segmented oranges, watercress, grape tomatoes, cilantro vinaigrette.

I was at first a little skeptical on this salad [I wasn’t sure if I was a total hearts of palm fan].  This was pretty delicious though!! Everyone else thought so too!

Roasted Fall Vegetable Salad: Roasted parsnips, turnips, butternut squash, arugula, red onions, toasted pecans, Maple Vinaigrette.

A classic, but goody!! Won’t be able to do this salad too much anymore!! Almost spring time!

Tabbouleh Salad: bulghur wheat, tomatoes, mint, parsley, green onions, lemon juice, EVOO.

Yum!! So simple but delicious!

Pepper Steak Salad:  Grilled flank steak, roasted onions, blue cheese crumbles, roasted mushrooms, mixed greens, buttermilk dressing, sourdough croutons.

This is a great salad combination!!

Service started off slow, picked up a bit, and slowed again.  I was dragging towards the end!! I have off tomorrow and Sunday!!

Time for bed! See you all tomorrow!!  Hope to do some laundry, cleaning and baking tomorrow!! Stay tuned.


Vanessa 🙂

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