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Super G

February 27, 2011

I woke up early today and got some breakfast at Original Pancake House with my Aunt and uncle.  Ate some amazing french toast, as usual! Seriously, cinnamon nut french toast = amazing!

Then we went to a new international market in town!

Super G Mart!

For all of you Charlotte residents, it’s off east independence blvd. [across from Lebo’s].

This place is HUGE!! Seriously so much stuff to look at, it’s a bit overwhelming.  It covers so many regions, from Mexico to Japan to Morocco to Chinese!!

Look at these mushrooms!!!!!!

Please take note of those king mushrooms above.  I think these were king oyster mushrooms. Even though I loathe the fungi, you all know and love as mushrooms, they were incredible to look at!

They had lots of fresh produce from all over!

Plenty of fresh peppers and chilis!

There were lots of fruits and vegetables that I didn’t even recognize.

Like this one ^^ I think it was a radish of some sort.

There were banana flowers there. I never even knew they existed!

This was pretty cool.

Fresh water chestnuts!

Bitter melon.

Along with fresh produce, they have aisles of various spices, grains, etc.  They have a crazy amount of meats and fresh seafood.  If you need oxtails, tripe, or kindeys, you can find it here.  Mussels, clams, octopus, mackarel, all here!

They also have a couple of aisles dedicated to housewares and appliances.

You can find anything from rice cookers to tea sets there.

We bought some green tea ice cream pops to eat on the way home!  They were ok, I’ve had better.

I came home with some cheap loot though!  Big bottle of Siracha for $1.49, 5 lbs. of clementines for $4.99, avocadoes for $.89 each, huge head of green cabbage for $.59!! Also picked up some thai basil, flaked coconut and masa flour.

I thought this store was a great once in a while shopping trip.  I probably wouldn’t come here weekly, but I will definitely come again!  After leaving the market, I decided it would be so fun to have a weekly supper club and buy some fun new, unknown produce to experiment with.  Anyone in Charlotte interested in starting a weekly supper club?? Let me know.  It will be fun, I promise!


Dinner was ironically pretty uninspired, I was exhausted.  I heated up some falafel burgers and made an egg scramble with cheese, potatoes, pepper, spinach.

Definitely a throw together meal, but delicious none the less.


Psssssssst. Kitchen sneak peak.

Freshly painted cabinets!!

I have to wait for them to dry and then I will be loading them up! I can’t wait.  I got a good start on organizing some things [thanks to my Aunt and Uncle].


Ok I’m off to relax, watch the Academy Awards, and try not to eat the rest of the brownies.

Work tomorrow, bleghhhh. Have a good night 🙂


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