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Operation Kitchen Makeover

March 5, 2011

So remember that package that was on my doorstep last night?

It was full of some coffee I bought from a local coffee roaster in C’ville.  When I saw this deal on Kath’s Open Sky shop, I knew I had to pick it up!

It came with two bags of coffee.  One is called Dave’s Blend, which is a dark french roast with a hint of chocolate.  The other one is called Virginia Blue Mountain, which is a medium roast, similar to breakfast blend.  The package also came with this awesome mug, a fun sticker and a brochure of all Shenandoah Joe’s blends, roasts and teas for sale.

I opted to get whole beans rather than ground.  For some reason I like to grind my coffee to order.  It just seems fresher to me.

I decided to open up the Dave’s Blend bag and brew some.

Oh yeah, this was a good cup of coffee!  Mmh smells so good too!


Ok so onto the kitchen makeover promised in this post.

The majority of the makeover is complete.  I may add a few odds and ends in the near future, but for now everything has its place.  I think it’s also one of those things that I will probably have to try a few things out to see what works best for me.

I took lots of pictures to showcase what has been done.

Thanks for the feedback on these knobs!  I decided to go with these, so I went back to the hardware store and picked up the rest of them.

Change cabinet hardware, check!

Here’s a view from my laundry room/pantry of the entire kitchen.

**Note, ignore the fugly floor.  That is also one of those things on the list.  Maybe not so near future though.**

Now my pantry also serves as a laundry room [just the dryer] and bulk kitchen storage.

The picture below shows the wall where my dryer currently stands.  Originally there were no shelves here.  My awesome Uncle installed these for me!! I can’t believe it’s taken me almost two years to come up with this solution.

I love the look of exposed shelving! It’s so studio/lofty.

So a brief overview.

On the top shelf is more “decorative” stuff and smaller things that I don’t use all that often. I might try and “clean” this shelf up a bit.

The second shelf consists of overflow bowls/dishes/mugs, my coffee/tea/liqueur basket, extra serving things and such.

The bottom shelf is all of my unopened canned goods and food items.

I like it because now everything is out in the open and nothing is hidden in the dark corner in a cabinet.  I’m hoping grocery shopping will be much more efficient this way too.

On the wall next to my dryer is another set of shelves that were pre existing in the apartment.  On the bottom is a huge space that I use for storage. I ended up taking a tip from my college dorm days and put these wire cubes [that I still had from college] underneath the shelves.  I use these mainly for extra bakeware, smaller kitchen gadgets, linens and placemats, extra spices, candles, etc.

Also note I used to keep my cleaning supplies and garbage bags underneath my sink.  Since the renovations, I decided to keep my pots and pans underneath the sink and it seems to work just fine. So now the cleaning supplies are in the pantry/laundry room.

There are two shelves above the wire cubes.  I use the top shelf for large appliances I generally only use a few times a year at most [Except for my food processor., it just fit perfectly in that spot].  I used a large beverage bucket to store miscellaneous and extra things.  It keeps them from being an eyesore.

On the bottom shelf, I put the appliances I use more often the previous shelf.  So obviously this includes my VitaMix, Sodastream, Kitchenaid, etc.  My toaster was here but it died, so I’m out of a toaster until I go get one. I also have plastic containers on the left that has my light bulbs, handy tools, etc.

I have the three drawer organizer that I started using for cookie cutters, spreaders, and little stuff like that.

I also have a little wall hook thing that holds my plastic bags, mop, broom, hammer, recyclable bags.

So that’s the kitchen and what I’ve done so far.  I’m very relieved that everything is falling in its place.  It’s about time!!!!

–What do you guys think?? —


It’s been a rainy day here in Charlotte!  Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow aka Sunday.  I promise tomorrow’s post will be about food!  Until then.


Vanessa 🙂

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