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Glazed Deliciousness.

March 25, 2011

I think I pressed my snooze button for half an hour this morning.

Pathetic. I know.

All I have to say is thank God for programmable coffee makers.  Seriously.  Without them I probably would not get out of bed on time.

This breakfast did a pretty good job of getting me out of bed too.

Smoked salmon on an english muffin, topped with an egg over easy.

I have an infatuation with runny egg yolks.

I love fried eggs on salads.  The egg yolks make a creamy dressing.

I also am a believer that eggs can transform leftovers.

But that’s just me.


This was such a busy prep day.  I still have a lot more to do tomorrow.

I swear it never ends.

Right when I think I’m ahead of the game, I realize I’m totally not.

** Note if you don’t like seeing dead whole fish, you probably want to shield your eyes at the upcoming picture.**

That little bugger was the bane of my existence today.

Although he wasn’t so little.


On the way home I was feeling sort of proactive about doing some type of a workout.

When I got home, that was so not the case anymore.

I need someone to motivate me to get my butt in gear.  I can too easily convince myself that I don’t feel like working out most of the time.  I wish I were a runner that could go on for miles.  Unfortunately that is son not the case. Sigh. Get me out of this lazy slump!!!!

I did make a tasty mish mash of a dinner though.

I found some brussels sprouts hanging out in my vegetable drawer so I decided to use them up.  It is spring after all. Totally not brussels season anymore.

I trimmed the woody end and cut them in half.

Then I laid them cut side down on a skillet with some olive oil.  I also gave them a light seasoning of salt and pepper.

I turned the heat up to about medium and let them sizzle in the pan until they developed some deep color to them.

I gave them a little shake and stir.  Then deglazed the pan with some balsamic fig vinegar and a pinch of brown sugar.

MMh. I love that delicious glaze.

Then I added some diced tomatoes with juice that I had leftover in my fridge to the pan too.

I let it simmer down for a few minutes.

I cooked some millet on the side.  I overcooked it a little because I wasn’t paying attention.  I was too busy trying to lick balsamic glaze off the spoon.

Of course I still ate it though.  I ended up flaking a tiny bit of coconut oil in with the millet too.

The complete dinner ended up being coconut millet with balsamic glazed brussels, roasted broccoli and diced tomatoes.  A piece of naan bread served on the side.

I love glazed vegetables.

But not as much as I love me some naan.

Now it’s time for a glass of wine and a movie. Or maybe a book. Or maybe I’ll just play with new Iphone apps all night.

Who knows.

Late night post tomorrow.


Vanessa 🙂

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