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Day trip failure

April 16, 2011

Hey guys!

Posting from the IPhone again!

Today was suppose be a fun day. I had originally planned a day trip to Washington D.C. I had been keeping an eye on the weather and wasn’t sure whether or not we’d be able to go.

After much thought and discussion, we decided to give it a shot. Well let’s just say this trip turned into an epic fail.

We got into the city and drove around looking for parking, which we finally found. Then we got out and started walking, umbrellas in hand, towards the mall area. That’s when the heavens decided to open up on us.

I probably could have dealt with the rain for the most part. But the wind wad horrible!! If it wasn’t my umbrella, someone else’s was turning inside out. So, so annoying.


That was my face for most of the day. I felt like a wet dog. My pants were soaked, and let’s not even get started on my tangled mess of hair.

We thought to try and find an area to sit down and eat, but we just got to a point if such frustration. We just needed to go. So we walked back to the car and thought we’d go somewhere outside of the city to eat. Oh and might I just add that we were both pretty famished at this point.

From there we drove over to National Harbor. It actually seemed to stop raining for a bit which surprised us.

We parked and made are over to a sandwich shop to take the edge off.


It wasn’t exactly the food I had in mind, but I was passed the point of being picky and caring. So i ordered a turkey and Swiss sandwich with mustard, lettuce and tomato.


I ended up getting a small bag of salt and vinegar chips too. Some may have made it onto my sandwich. Don’t judge!

The place was pretty average but came with cool coasters, which I love.


As we left the sandwich shop, we came out just in time to see the sun come out! We were a little peeved that the sun finally came out just as our day was ending. Better late than never huh? So we went to look out at the Potomac.


It’s a pretty cool view.

Then we wandered over to see that there’s a Peep store!


Apparently if you buy peeps, you get a peep hat. No, we didn’t buy any.

From there we started the drive back to C’ville. Can I just say how horrible the traffic was?! I was getting so antsy in the car. Then we encountered some more torrential downpours. This was such a crazy storm system! Glad it’s over. Glad I’m now dry. Glad it’s suppose to be nice tomorrow!

I’m off to relax and get warm. Are you doing anything fun this Sunday?

Vanessa 🙂


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