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Beauty in Nature and Man’s Best Friend.

April 18, 2011

Hey readers 🙂

I know what you are thinking, second post in ONE day?!

Well I took SO many pictures during my weekend that I decided to share some more!

Hope you guys don’t mind.

After being spooked on my country roads tour, I decided to stick to photographing things within walking distance.  So I ventured out to the backyard.

I like to take pictures of everyday things, or things that we wouldn’t automatically think of as “beautiful”.  Sometimes it can surprise you.

Anyways, i was completely infatuated with this tree in bloom.  I’m not even sure what kind it is, but it’s gorgeous.

I really love the look on seeing the sky in between the branches.

Then I moved onto the tree beside it.  This one had yellow/orange colored leaves.

I know the lighting is a bit weird here.  But I love the sun beaming through the branches.

I love how small and petite the leaves are.

I particularly love how the sun is shining in this picture.

Then I looked down, and saw this curly green weed coming out of the gravel and was immediately drawn to it.

While I was shooting the curly weed, someone came to play.

Remember Maggie??

I absolutely LOVE shooting pictures of Maggie.

She’s so photogenic.

And I swear she LOVES the attention.

I absolutely love this action of her.

But not as much as this one…

This picture just makes me smile.  She’s so cute with her eyes closed and the sun shining on her.

Hope you enjoyed this second picture filled post! I’m off to cause my trouble in this country town.

Not really. I’m a weenie remember? 🙂


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  1. April 19, 2011 12:00 pm

    Love that curly weed! I think weeds are underrated as naturally beautiful plants.

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