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Tis’ The Season

April 21, 2011

With it FINALLY feeling like Spring and having Summer upon us, I thought that I would share some fun seasonal things!

Tis’ the season…

To spoil your dinner with lots of ice cream cones.

Covered in rainb-ow sprinkles of course!


To indulge in some Easter goodies!

When I got home today, I had a package from my Mom with tons of Easter chocolate.

Dare I say, “best package ever?’ Thanks Mom! 🙂


To fill your house with “Springy” decor.

This was in my Easter goodies package.

Yes it’s fake, but it still reminds me of Spring.

Plus I usually kill the real flowers that I attempt to let flourish in my apartment.

Oh well.


To have the same dinner two nights in a row.

I clearly forgot to have this for breakfast this morning.

So I just made it for dinner, again.

It was just as good as the previous night’s.  I just had two eggs instead of one and had a hunk of bread on the side.

Scoopage was involved. It was amazing.


To try new things.

This is chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk.


Note: This bullet point applies to not only food, but to try new things in life!  You only live once.


To indulge in some runny egg yolks.

I know this one is weird, and has absolutely nothing to do with Spring, but I’m obsessed at the moment.

Whether it be on a salad, for breakfast or to jazz up leftovers, I’ve been putting fried eggs on everything.  The runny egg yolks are sensational and create the perfect dressing or sauce that I just love.

Try it.


To drink lots and lots of bubbles.

In the form of water of course.

I plan on making lots of sparkling water, flavored aqua frescas and coolers this Spring/Summer season.

You should too 🙂

There’s something just so refreshing about it.

Hope you enjoyed this seasonal filled post 🙂

Tomorrow is a birthday dinner that I’m cooking!  So it will be super busy.

I must finish planning the menu and getting things together.

Wish me luck!

Vanessa 🙂

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