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Farmer’s Market Saturdays

April 23, 2011

Today was one of those Saturday mornings that I’ve lusted after for a while.

Since the weather started turning nice, I’ve wanted to spend a Saturday morning going to the different markets and picking up the freshest looking produce.

Well, so happens that I’ve had to work almost every Saturday.  Hence making it impossible to get to the market.

Today was my first Saturday off in a while, and I knew exactly how I was going to spend it.

I went to Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market first, then over to Atherton Mill Market.

Here’s my loot…

There were so many flats of strawberries everywhere at the market today! It would have been a shame not to pick up a quart.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet, but who cares!

They’re gorgeous!

I’m a sucker for fresh green beans.

I love picking through huge mounds of green beans, trying to pick out the best ones.

I’ve got a plan for these babies! A simple and delicious plan. Mwahh.

The one thing I had on my list to pick up at the market was a huge bunch of kale.

If we saw my earlier post, you’ll know what it was used for.

I really like to browse some of the ethnic food aisles too.

Sometimes I’ll get inspired and pick up something foreign to me.

This time I picked up a pack of baby bok choy [<–only $1!!!!]

I really want to try grilling bok choy.

Too bad I don’t have a grill. Grr.

One thing that’s in season right now are radishes.  They are everywhere!

As I was seeing them at almost every stand, I knew I had to pick up a bunch.  Especially in lieu of yesterday’s birthday dinner !

Then I got inspired.

Inspired to attempt to grow tomato plants, on my porch.

I picked these guys up at Atherton.

The first seedling I chose was a German Johnson.

It’s an heirloom tomato and they’re delicious.

I hope these guys grow. Pleaseeee grow!

The second kind I chose was Amys Sugar Gem tomatoes.

These I’ve never had before, but they seem to be small in size like a cherry tomato.

I figured these would be a guarantee that they would grow, since they are smaller.

Then I went to Wally World to the garden section.  I was legitimately staring at top soils and potting mixes for 10 minutes at least.

I had no idea what to get. Organic, not organic. Miracle Grow? Top soil?


Finally I sent out a few S.O.S. messages and my Dad and my Aunt got back to me.

Anyways, point of the story, tomorrow I’m planting my little seedlings in pots.

Fingers crossed that I don’t kill them and they flourish into gorgeous little heirloom tomatoes.

If I succeed with this, I may have a “green thumb” after all.


What did you spend your Saturday doing??

Hope you had nice weather! It was gorgeous in Charlotte. Had the windows open and everything!

Tomorrows Easter!! Hope every stays safe and has a good one!

I’ll be going to brunch, errr, more like “lupper” [in between lunch and supper]. 🙂

See you tomorrow readers!


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