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A New Refreshment

May 9, 2011

Today ended up being a great day. Why you ask?!

Because the golf tournament here in Charlotte is OVER!!!!

That means no more early, early mornings.  No more getting lost trying to find the 18th hole.  No more feeding hungry golf enthusiasts.  [For now].

Now I am in dire need of rest and refreshing myself.

Why not start with a new refreshment?

I scored a watermelon today, so I cut some up and decided it would make a good aqua fresca!

So in my VitaMix went: watermelon, ice cubes, splash of orange juice, lime juice, fresh basil and mint.

I blended it up until everything was “juiced”.

Then I added some sparkling water to it to make it fizzy.


I am definitely staying true to making different aqua frescas this season! This is already my third one!

I really liked the combination of basil, mint and lime.

And I didn’t have to add any sugar to it because the watermelon was sweet enough!

This was refreshing indeed 🙂

Now it’s time to further refresh myself and rest my bones.

I’m also contemplating an impromptu trip for a couple days.  I’d leave tomorrow and return thursday.  Not sure if it’s worth it yet.  Maybe some rest will do my brain wonders and help me make a decision.

I start work at the racetrack Friday!  From one major even to the next.  Nascar races are quite the opposite of golf though.  The people watching is fantastic.

See you guys later 🙂


P.S.  I’m super pumped to go berry picking with some Charlotte Food Bloggers on Sunday!  Anyone else going??  This will be my first time ever meeting fellow bloggers so I’m a whole mix of emotions!! But definitely looking forward to it!!


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