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Strawberry Fields

May 16, 2011

Yesterday I attended my first ever blogger meet up!

Needless to say I was a little nervous, because aside from everyone’s blogs, I had never met them!  Turned out I had nothing to be nervous about!

We met at Miller’s Produce in Fort Mill, SC.

It was very easy to get to, although the road its on became a bit of a cluster.  I think it was due to the booming crowd at the flea market across the street.  Might have to hit that up one of these days.

I arrived a few minutes earlier than everyone, so I took a few pictures around the place.

I absolutely love finding pictures in old farms like this.  I could spend hours roaming around.

They have a few little produce stands in the main building.

It’s a little sparse right now, but the owner said give them a month and they’ll have some amazing produce!

 I’m thinking another field trip.  Just saying…

The fields seem to go on forever…

It made us want to go frolicking through them, but we didn’t.

I opted for their smaller option and for $3 I got to fill a quart container with as many beautiful strawberries as I could.

Some serious food bloggers in the strawberry picking zone!

The trick to finding the really good strawberries was to dig in the middle of the bush.

That’s where all the good stuff was hiding!

They still had some young strawberries trying to grow.

They looked sort of neat.

The start of my bounty.

Big cameras, modeling berries, big diffusers.

No big deal.

Totally not noticeable.

That would be the amazing and talented Taylor Mathis shooting some pictures and video!

His awesome assistant Crosby is holding the diffuser.

Then there was the lovely Julie of Williow Bird Baking walking the fields in search of the perfect strawberries.

Also in attendance were Katie, Diana, Julia and her friend Erin.

It was great to meet all of them and hope to see them in the near future!

We were also in the company of some furry friends!


The donkey was a party pooper and kept trying to kick the pig.

By the way, the pig’s name is Juicy. I think it fits him well.

I loved this little guy!! He was so friendly.

I don’t know what type of dog this is, but I want one.  SO cute.

I also got a little carried away with the scenery, so I’ll spare you guys and only show you a couple.

And finally my loot…

I think I got my $3 worth.

I froze probably about half of them.  They’ll be great in some smoothies!

Not sure what I’ll make with the rest.  I might eat them all before I decide.  They are SO juicy and sweet.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s recaps of our Charlotte Food Blogger field trip!!  Hope to have many more field trips in the future!

Hope you all had wonderful day!!


P.S. Any Charlotte foodies going to the food truck rally on Thursday?  I am!  I am all about the food truck hopping.

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  1. May 16, 2011 8:13 pm

    So great finally meeting you! Great recap! I have another event at the same time as the food truck think, but hoping that I can go! Looks like a lot of fun!

    • May 16, 2011 8:18 pm

      Thanks!! It was great meeting you too, finally right?! Bummer, hope you can make it to the rally!! Can’t wait for the next field trip/meeting!


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