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A Few Things

May 23, 2011

Today was even hotter today in Charlotte.

According to the weatherman, tomorrow will be worse?! Boo.

I totally wouldn’t mind this weather if I could run around in sundresses and tank tops.   Not so much when I’m in black pants and a chef coat.

Luckily I got out of work a little on the early side today [2:30-3pm].

My work shoes have been on their last leg for months now, and being the expert procrastinator that I am, I’ve put off the inevitable.

So today after work I swung by the Birkenstock store.

And I came home with these lovelies.

Then when I got home I had some things waiting at my door!

**Note** I love getting packages and mail 🙂

I’ve been searching for a smaller camera bag for more of an everyday use for a while now.  I have an intense Tenba backpack that I use for hiking, road trips, etc.

While browsing Amazon I found this affordable Lowepro messenger bag.

I love the messenger style bag.

Inside the bag there are three compartments for storing my camera body and lenses.

I think this may be the answer to my prayers.

We’ll see how it works out in the weeks to come.

Then I got a little something from Anthropologie, one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures.

For me?

Today is exactly one month until my birthday. Eeek. How’d that happen?

I will be hoarding this coupon until the last possible second and spend it on something amazing.  I will stalk their website in anticipation.

When I was browsing Amazon looking for a camera bag, I also finally ordered this book.

I cannot tell you how many people have raved about this book!

It’s been on my wish list for a couple weeks now, and I was so excited when it came in the mail today.

I will totally look forward to reading this from beginning to end and hopefully learn some things in the process.

At first glance Helene’s book looks marvelous!!

Well that’s my excitement for the day.  Hope you guys didn’t have “a case of the mondays”.

I’m currently completely stumped for dinner. I really want sushi but don’t feel like going out. Sigh.

Time to go raid the fridge!

Vanessa 🙂

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