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A New Neighborhood Restaurant

May 24, 2011

I keep a list of probably 10-20 restaurants here in Charlotte or nearby areas that I want to try.

Unfortunately when the time always comes to pick a place, I draw a blank.

How that’s possible, I have no idea.

So today I was thrilled to be able to check one of those restaurants off my list!

Table 274!

Table 274 just opened about six weeks ago right in the Cotswold neighborhood.

It’s a huge space and decor is pretty unique.

All of the art on the walls are created by local NC artists and are for sale!

I think that is super cool.  I can’t wait to see what other artists they showcase on the walls here.

Service started with a housemade Brioche roll.

Mmh, this was so moist and delicious.  Did I mention it was smothered in whipped butter?

I was dining with my Aunt and Uncle, so we are all about the sharing of food.

So to start we ordered the seared pork belly.

It was served with cast iron corn salad, souther pepper relish and a potato crisp.

This was melt in your mouth good.

I mean can you really go wrong with pork belly?!

Then we split the fig and prosciutto flatbread.

It was a crispy flatbread with fig jam, prosciutto, goat cheese and arugula.

Classic flavor combination, so good.

Although the flatbread itself could have benefitted from a minute or two less in the oven, it was super crispy, on the verge of too crispy.

But we still ate it and the flavors itself were on point.

Our last shared small plate was the crispy fried oysters.

Fried oysters were served with cream corn succotash and tabasco mayonnaise.

I flippin’ love fried oysters.

These were pretty good.

For my entree I chose what I was told was the “House Specialty”.

The cast iron roasted chicken.

This was an Ashley Farms chicken breast with Anson Mills farro, red pepper and artichoke braise.

The skin was crispy the chicken itself was cooked well.

I loved the farro, red peppers and artichokes.

My Uncle got a killer bowl of spicy seafood fettuccine.

It consisted of sea scallops, NC shrimp, PEI mussels, roasted tomatoes and Italian sausage in a cajun cream sauce.

Gosh this was good.  That sauce was awesome!

I tried some pasta with the sauce, and a mussel which was cooked wonderfully.

My Aunt chose the NC mountain trout.

It was two big pieces of trout served with garlic mashed potatoes, warm tomato and foraged mushroom salad.

I tried a bite of the trout with some tomato and it was really good.

The skin was super crispy and the fish itself was cooked and seasoned well.  Always a plus.

Ok so I was looking forward to dessert all day long.

Funny story, the executive chef Patrick Best and me have tweeted back and forth a few times.  He mentioned that they were featuring sweet potato donuts on their Farm to Fork menu this month.  That’s all he had to say.  I needed them.

So today when it came time for dessert, I told the waitress we were looking forward to those and she sent Patrick himself out to the table.

It was good to meet him and we talked about food and the restaurant and such.  Then he sent out the donuts!

Mini sweet potato donuts were served with maple syrup and prosciutto.

The prosciutto is meant to be eaten along with the donut.

The sweet and salty combination was fabulous.

Well worth the wait!!

Thanks SO much Patrick!!  I look forward to seeing what the restaurant has to offer in the times to come!  Any Charlotte locals definitely need to try this place!

Now I’m happily full and going to watch the DWTS finale.

I know, I know, save your comments please 🙂

Hope you all had a good night!


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