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Nacho Dinner

May 25, 2011

When I got home from work today, I felt tired, hot and dehydrated.

The last thing that I felt like doing was cooking a dinner for one.

Therein  lies the problem.

Obviously I have to eat dinner.  I could go out to eat or get take out, but then that’s money down the drain.

I have plenty of food here.  It’s just a matter of getting creative.

I wanted to do something with the avocados I had laying around.  I wasn’t sure what until I opened it and saw how perfect it was.

Seriously, is that not the perfect avocado?

It’s the little things in life.

I immediately thought of guacamole.

So I started gathering ingredients.  Then I realized I didn’t have all of the ingredients for an authentic guacamole. Errr, time to get creative.

I gathered the avocados, red onion, parsley [I didn’t have cilantro], lime and tomatoes.

First I scooped the guts of the avocados into a bowl with the lime juice and a pinch of salt.

Then I gave it a quick mash with the back of a fork until it was to my liking.

Then went in the rest of the ingredients, tomatoes, parsley, red onion, black pepper.

I gave it all a quick but thorough mix together.


As I was mixing the guacamole together, I instantly thought of nachos.

Nachos for dinner?

Sure, why not.

So I spread out some tortilla chips on a sheet pan and topped them with some refried pinto beans, diced green chiles, diced pepper and cheese.

I popped it in the oven to heat the ingredients and make the cheese a little melty.

Then I got impatient and turned the oven to broil.  Needless to say I almost burnt this.

What is it about the broiler?? I always forget about it.

Anyways, I transferred the nachos to a plate and topped them with the guacamole, salsa and a few dashes of hot sauce!

When it comes to hot sauce, I’m a huge fan of Cholula.  I know Texas Pete is all the rage down here, and it’s not bad, but I love me some Cholula.

*Note* I promise I am totally NOT a spokesperson for Cholula.  I just like it….a lot.

This was definitely a throw together dinner and it was super tasty!

I know it’s nothing gourmet, and far from the best thing I’ve ever made, but it was good food.

Besides we can’t be gourmet ALL of the time.

Mmh that bite was SO good.

When I’m super busy with work, my creative juices at home are far from flowing, which really bothers me.

I’m looking forward to a little more free time in this next coming month to do things and make things that I want!

It’s a bit frustrating at times wanting to get involved and do so many things, but not having the time to do it in.

Here’s hoping for some free time soon!

Hope you all had a great “hump day”.

Vanessa 🙂

P.S. For anyone that follows me on Twitter or Facebook, I still have not found the bee.  Officially freaked out.

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