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June 16, 2011

Today I went up to Lake Norman to see my Aunt and Uncle.

 I hadn’t seen them since before I left for Texas so we were due for a visit.

We hung out and caught up for a while until it was time to decide what we wanted for dinner.

None of us felt like cooking, so we went out to eat!

My Aunt had a Groupon for an Italian restaurant in the Davidson are.  No time like the present to redeem it!

The name of the place was Campania Cafe & Trattoria.

The inside was nice.  Lots of wine bottles, coffee for sale and a few tables.


According to their website, every first Wednesday of the month they have wine tastings!  How fun!

Browsing through the menu, it reminded me of Italian restaurants back home in New Jersey.

Ironically that’s where they are from.

Being our first time there, we asked the waitress for some suggestions.


After we placed our orders, we received some bread and olive oil and vinegar to dip in.


I like the couple of olives that were in the dipping dish.

Don’t worry, we ate those too.

I started off with,  Rucola di Noci e Zucca: Arugula salad with candied walnuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, in a pumpkin vinaigrette infused with white truffle oil

This was a pretty tasty salad.

Going to have to remember the pumpkin vinaigrette thing.

My Aunt got the Spinaci con Pera e Gorgonzola: Fresh spinach with pear, red onions, sliced pecans, crumbled gorgonzola & balsamic vinaigrette

My Uncle got a classic, Pasta Fagioli:  Tomato broth, white cannellini beans, ditalini pasta, carrots, onion & celery.

This looked so good.

We also ordered some Fried Calamari for the table.

Yum, can’t remember the last time I had some of this.

As for the entrees, I chose a surprisingly HUGE portion of vegetable lasagna.

It was full of ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, roasted squash, mushrooms, eggplant.

Seriously, holy lasagna Batman.

I had to take more than half of this home in a doggy bag.

It should be known that I’m still full as I am writing this post.

My Aunt got one of the specials, the black bass.

This was a whole fish served with baked polenta and green beans.  She said it was really tasty.

My Uncle stayed true to himself and got the gnocchi.

This was not your average gnocchi.

Gnocchi con Ricotta e tomate: Potato gnocchi tossed with ricotta and fresh roma tomatoes and topped with grated pecorino romano, in a saffron cream sauce

He enjoyed it and said it was surprisingly much more filling than he thought.

Towards the end of the meal, one of the owners came to the table to introduce herself and to see if everything was alright.

I think the camera gave me away 🙂

All in all it was kind of nice to get a little taste of the north down south.  It sure had been a while.

Well I’m off to continue to digest my mammoth size meal.

Excited for Tartlette’s book signing tomorrow!!



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