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Farmer’s Market Saturday!

June 18, 2011

Saturdays have to be my favorite day of the week during the summer.

Why you ask?

Farmer’s markets!!!

I will gladly sacrifice an extra hour or two of sleep to get to the market bright and early.

I dream about one day making it to the west coast to check out the rumored gorgeous markets of San Francisco and Seattle.

Although I don’t think I’d ever leave after experiencing them.

In a perfect world I would travel to all the different markets of country and document it all.  I just think it’s so cool how different each market can be, indicative to it’s location.

Unfortunately traveling costs a lot of gas and money.   Maybe I could get a sponsor.  Or grow a money tree.  Either one would suffice.

Anyways, back to my Saturday at the farmer’s market…

I went to two different ones today.

First up was Atherton Mill Market on South Blvd.  It’s significantly smaller than most other markets, but there’s something charming about it that just stands out to me.  Plus it’s filled with super local goodies!

I love the Simply Local booth at this market.  It’s chock full of local, fresh cheese and milk and a ton of other things.

I splurged today and bought a ball of fresh mozzarella, something I haven’t had in ages.

I was able to sample it at the market and was instantly sold.

I think the last time I had fresh mozzarella like this was back home in Jersey.  With all of the Italian delicatessens up North, there’s was always fresh cheese!

I also picked up one of these Zephyr squashes while I was there.

I can’t say that I’ve ever had one of these, but I was intrigued by it’s appearance, so I bought it.

I had hopes that Roots food truck would be at Atherton today, but alas they weren’t.  Maybe next time!

From there I drove over to the huge Charlotte Farmer’s Market off Yorkmount Road.

This place is an old favorite of mine and it has a huge selection of food to chose from!

Since my tomatoes are not ready yet, I picked up a Cherokee purple and red heirloom tomato.

Tomatoes are probably one of my favorite things about summer.  Growing up in Jersey you can see why.  We always had sliced tomatoes with dinner, salt and pepper close by of course.

To go with my fresh mozzarella of course 🙂

See how my brain works?

I also picked up this huge bunch of kale at one of the vendors.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is Lacinato Kale.

Anyways, it was too gorgeous to pass up.

I need to start making more things with kale other than kale chips. Seriously.

Another one of my favorite things of summer is the fresh corn.

I bought Silver Queen corn at the market today.  I remember this from last year being really, really good.

Seriously, give me some fresh corn, some butter, and salt and I’m a happy girl.

I was really craving some fresh cherries too, but I wasn’t sure if they were out yet.

Wouldn’t you know it, I found some!!

I’ve never bought them in yellow before.  I was intrigued.

I was also smitten with these tiny, local grown plums!

Seriously how adorable are they??

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with either of them, but they were totally inspiring!

I also love that picture of the plum with the leaf on it.  Obsessed!

I was a little hungry after shopping for all that food, so since there was no food trucks in sight, I got a hot dog!

Being from up north, I grew up on dirty water dogs.  I still can’t go to New York without getting one.

So this was the next best thing!

It should be noted that in my book the only real way to eat a hot dog is with sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

Really, just take that yellow mustard and throw it in the trash!! Gross.

Now that I’m home, I’m totally overwhelmed with what I want to make with all of the delicious food I picked up.  That’s the problem, sometimes I have too much inspiration and too many ideas that it’s hard to focus on one thing.

Hmmm… Now what to have for dinner.

Time to brainstorm!

Have a great Saturday!!

Vanessa 🙂

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