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Deviation Well Done

June 19, 2011

Today when I looked in my fridge, I noticed that I needed to use up some dying blueberries.

I was already planning on baking today with a recipe I had bookmarked yesterday.

Only one problem, it didn’t include blueberries.

So I improvised and added them anyways!

Lemon Poppyseed Blueberry Muffins!

I based this off a recipe I found on Brown Eyed Baker ‘s site.

See that site for the original recipe, just note that I made a few changes.

I first preheated my oven to 400 degrees F and greased my muffin pan.

Then I started by rubbing together some sugar and fresh lemon zest in a bowl.

Until it looked like this.

To the lemon zest and sugar I added some dry ingredients.

A.P. flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.

I set the bowl aside.

In another bowl I combined the wet ingredients.

This is where I made a few changes.

I didn’t have sour cream so I subbed greek yogurt instead.

I also opted to use brown butter instead of just plain, melted butter.

Just because everything is better with brown butter, right?

You better be nodding.


I added the cooled, brown butter to the eggs, yogurt, lemon juice and vanilla.

I mixed it until combined and then added it to the bowl of dry ingredients.

I switched to a rubber spatula at this point and mixed it until it was just incorporated.

Nothing worse than overmixing in baking!

Well maybe there is.

Like mistaking salt for sugar.

But that’s besides the point.

Then I gently folded in the blueberries and poppy seeds, careful to not burst the berries!

Batter done.

Next I just evenly distributed the batter amongst the muffin cups.

I baked them for about 18 minutes.

They passed the toothpick test.

I proceeded to take them out of the pan, one by one and placed them onto a cooling rack.


Why hello there darling muffins.

They looked good.

Therefore I was hopeful, my small deviation from the recipe wouldn’t bite me in the “you know what”.


So the verdict?


Deviation well done!

Although I don’t recommend deviating from a baking recipe unless you (A.) Know what you’re doing or (B.) Have a well educated guess.

Just saying…

I started out with a dozen and now I have six. Crap.

It wasn’t just me, I swear!


Oh and because I love you guys, I just had to share this fabulous part of my lunch today that just reeked of Summer!

I sliced a Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato, sliced some fresh mozzarella, sliced an avocado and drizzled a chive vinaigrette and balsamic reduction over top the entire thing.

This is how I know the Summer is upon us.

It was SO good.  I might have to have another one tomorrow.

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  1. June 20, 2011 11:35 am

    They look gorgeous. Good work saving some dying blueberries. I love when improvisations work the first time through.

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