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Making Pesto

June 27, 2011

As promised on Saturday, today was the day to turn my basil into pesto!

I really love basil, but unfortunately never manage to use it before it takes a turn for the worst.

I had purchased such a big bag, I knew there was no chance I would use it all.

So turning the basil into pesto seemed like the logical thing to do in this case.

In addition to the basil, I needed a few other ingredients.

Garlic clove, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and since I am out of pine nuts [the horror!] I used walnuts.

I busted out my food processor and put all of my ingredients inside.

Top on.

Time to start pulsing.


Then I slowly streamed in some extra virgin olive oil

Mmmh.  Pesto.

I scooped it into an adorable, multifunctional mason jar for storage and that was it!

Making pesto is seriously so simple.

There’s so many different variations and substitutes to be made too!

Think about it.

Cilantro pesto.  Kale pesto.  Arugula pesto.

The list goes on…

I also think it was fate to make basil pesto because it fit perfectly into my jar!

Couldn’t have done it better if I measured!

So what do you do with pesto?

Scratch that.

The real question is what DON’T you do with pesto?!

It’s perfect for bruschetta, fries, pizza, chicken, steak, shrimp, hell anything you want!

I decided to make some pasta and use the pesto as my sauce.

I tossed a little kale in the mix and sauteed some shrimp too.


It was cheesy, garlicky, herby and nutty all at the same time.

I might be tempted to eat this out of the jar if desperate.

Don’t judge me.

Fun fact:  If you’re making a humungo batch of pesto, instead of putting it in a jar, put it into an ice cube tray and freeze it!  That way if you need pesto in a pinch you can just take out a cube or two!  It’s genius.

Ok that’s the extent of my knowledge today.

I hope you all go and make pesto now and use it in fun ways.

See you all tomorrow!

Oh before I go.

Fun Fact #2:  As I was photographing my pesto outside, one of my neighbors yelled up to me on my balcony and asked why I’m always taking pictures.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Do people think I’m the crazy picture lady??  I guess there’s worse reputations to have.  Don’t answer that.

See ya!

Vanessa 🙂

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