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A Special Treat — Guest Post!

July 11, 2011

Hey guys!  I’m flying back to Charlotte today!  So since I don’t exactly have the time to take lots of foodie pictures and blog about them, I’ve arranged for a special treat for you all.  The lovely Jessica of Dairy Free Betty to share a little bit about herself and her journey!  So take some time and get to know her!  She’s fabulous! 


What is your name? Jessica

Give us a quick bio of who you are? I am a newly wed living on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia Canada.  I graduated last week from a Human Service program and will be working in the schools in September as an Education Assistant.  I have worked with kids for over 12 years and love it!   We don’t have any kids yet, but hopefully that will happen soon! 🙂

Blog addy if you have one? I blog at

How long have you been a reader of Life Undeveloped and what keeps you coming back? I love Vanessa’s blog because I love all the tasty treats she whips up!  It’s neat to follow a blogger that actually works in a kitchen!   Plus her photos and creations are beautiful and I’m attracted to pretty food!
What inspired you to start blogging?   In 2009, I lost my job due to cutbacks.  I was devastated, the job was so close to my dream job and it happened very suddenly.  I went from working 40+ hours one week to 0 hours per week, within in a week period. I WAS SO BORED!  I had also recently been told that I had a dairy allergy, so I was not only devastated about my job, but a life with no ice cream or cheese… oh my?  I’m not even sure how I fell upon it, but I found Oh She Glows and I ended up spending a few hours reading her entire blog that night.   I was so inspired.  I continued reading her blog and a few others, and I knew I had to start. I had a crappy camera and no idea what I was doing, but I went for it.

You can read my first few posts here and here.  Now almost 2 years later, my blog has brought me through an engagement, a wedding, a 2 week raw foods course, a full year of school and my graduation. I Love blogging and the people that I have met through it are incredible people.  I consider some of them really good friends and an amazing support system.

What are 3 foods that you always have in your house?  dairy free chocolate chips, eggs and nutritional yeast.
Favourite recipe?  Oh that’s sooo hard –  I’d say the one I make most is red thai curry or hummus pizza .
What is your food eating style? (Whatever I see; clean; veggie; vegan; etc) Mainly just dairy free.  I also don’t eat any red meat or pork.  I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and after doing a 2 week course in raw foods last year, I try to incorporate that in there too.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life… what would it be? Really only one?  Hummus Pizza or Sushi! 🙂

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? Hot Pink – I love hot pink!  My wedding was black and hot pink!

If you could have one super hero quality – what would it be, and why?  Hmmmmmm.  To fly.  I’d spend a lot of time in Mexico! 🙂
If you were having a “themed” dinner part – what would be the theme, and what would you cook?  If money was no option and I had loads of time – I’d make a whole bunch of small things like tapas!
What are 3 of your favorite blogs (with links)!!!!  Ok, I have a lot of favourites – but I’ll write the 3 of the ones that I get most excited about when I see new posts.   Obvisosly Oh She Glows – but I mentioned her already so she doesn’t found   #1) Amber at Almost Vegan – she’s just so sweet and lovely!!  #2)Valerie at City Life Eats – awesome blog for lunch ideas! and lastly #3) Robyn at Girl on Raw – She’s a new mom so she doesn’t post, but I just love her!!
Thanks so much to Vanessa for letting me do a guest post!  I really enjoy your blog and it’s an honour to have been given this opportunity!
— A big thank you to Jessica for putting together this post for all you readers to enjoy!  🙂   I’ll be back soon, I promise! — 
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  1. July 11, 2011 10:40 am

    Awesome, thanks so much again for the opportunity!! 🙂

  2. July 11, 2011 12:45 pm

    Thank you for the shoutout 🙂

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