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Mediterranean Cous Cous

July 23, 2011

Remember how I wanted to share something insanely delicious with you guys yesterday?

Well better late than never right?

Today when I got home from work, I was craving something light and refreshing.

Then I remembered I had leftover cous cous in my fridge.  Plus lots of produce.

Hence a Mediterranean cous cous salad was born.

Lucky for you I documented this creation.


I used a whole wheat cous cous that I had previously cooked as the base of the salad.


To that I added some tomatoes [from my garden!].


Next I diced up some of an english cucumber.


Then I cut about half of a red bell pepper.


I chopped up some Kalamata olives like so.


For a mid kick I added a little chopped green onions.


What’s a Mediterranean salad without some feta cheese?


I added lots of fresh herbs from the garden too [oregano, parsley, thyme].


I made a quick red wine vinaigrette in a mason jar.

Components were: red wine vinegar, more herbs, salt + pepper, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, dijon mustard and garlic.

Shake, shake, shake.

Pour and toss.


The easy part.  I generously spooned the salad on a plate, grabbed a fork and chowed down.

Seriously just what I was craving.

Plus I have leftovers.  Score.

Grain salads are such an easy thing to make in advance too.

Make your grain in advance and just chop up whatever vegetable you have on hand.

Add your favorite dressing and your done.

It’ll last a few days too.

So when it’s hot, like it’s been on the East coast this past week, you don’t have to fire up your oven.  Just grab a fork and chow down!

Try it!

Vanessa 🙂

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  1. July 23, 2011 6:32 pm

    Anything described as “insanely delicious” makes me seriously pay attention 🙂 This looks so good. Maybe I’ll make this with millet this week, yum. Most of the components are already in my fridge, yay!

    • July 23, 2011 7:07 pm

      Haha I’m glad it got your attention 🙂 I think you should totally make it! Millet would be super good too!

  2. July 24, 2011 9:31 am

    That looks SO GOOD (minus the olives of course 😉 )

  3. July 24, 2011 9:49 am

    My mouth literally started watering as I read this!

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