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Secret Ingredient — Peaches

August 19, 2011

As promised today is all about the Secret Ingredient Challenge!! 


Peaches are everywhere you look this time of year, so why not show them off a little, right?

The whole purpose to this challenge is to really exercise my creative side when it comes to food.

Sure I could have done something common like a peach cobbler or crisp, but everyone does that.

So I decided to use the peaches in a savory dish rather than a more familiar sweet one.

So what did I make?

:: Drumroll ::

Peach Gazpacho!

I liked the idea of a gazpacho with a sweet punch to it.

The peach wasn’t in your face, more of an underlying flavor, but it complimented the other ingredients quite well.

Here’s my main ingredient list:

Cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, shallot, parsley and of course, peaches.

First thing I did was prepped the ingredients, like so.

I peeled and pitted the peaches then chopped them.  I peeled the cucumber and chopped it.  Tomatoes were chunked and the rest of the ingredients were coarsely chopped as well.

I, contrary to previous cold soups that I’ve made, decided to not cook any of the ingredients.  So everything went in the blender as they were.

I added some other flavorings at this time too.

Salt, black pepper, white balsamic vinegar, sriracha and olive oil.

That’s it.  Just hit blend and let it get to the desired consistency.  In my case, smooth.

I quality controlled the soup to make sure it didn’t need anything. It didn’t.

Time to bowl it up!

I garnished it with some greek yogurt, avocado, torn parsley and crushed tortilla chips.

I really wanted to put some extra diced peaches on top, but I had a brain fart and pureed them all.


I know I say this everytime I make a cold soup, but this was SO refreshing!

This has been the Summer of cold soups and agua frescas.

I’m not complaining.

That’s a spoonful of YUM right there.

Just sayin…

Peach Gazpacho

Servings: 2 


3 Peaches

1 small Garlic clove

1/2 Shallot

1/2 of a Tomato [I used a Cherokee Purple]

1/4 of a Cucumber

White balsamic vinegar, just a splash

Sriracha, a tiny squirt [if you like a little heat]

Salt + Pepper, to taste

Olive oil, just a drizzle [maybe a few Tbsp.]

Parsley, a few Tbsp. chopped.

Garnish that I used [but not limited to]: Avocado, parsley and greek yogurt.


— Peel, seed and chunk peaches.  Peel and chunk cucumber.  Chunk tomato.  Peel and chop garlic and shallot.  Chop parsley.

— Stick all ingredients in a blender and puree until desired consistency.  Taste and adjust as necessary.

–Stick in refrigerator until cold.

–Bowl up the soup and garnish as you wish.


Hope you guys try it out! It’s yummy!

It turns out that I’m not the only one who took on the challenge this week!

I was thrilled when I heard that Laura from Blogging Over Thyme, wanted to participate!!!  Someone who was just as excited as I was about this!  Laura actually inspired me with picking peaches for our first challenge so thanks!!

She made a delicious looking smoothie with her farm fresh peaches!

[Photo by Laura]

Seriously I want one of these STAT!

Check out her blog for the recipe and nutrition stats on her delicious creation!

Thanks SO much Laura for participating with me and sharing what you did!  🙂

I will return soon to announce the next secret ingredient!!

Muahhh. [Evil laugh]

Hope you all enjoy your Friday evening!  I’m off to find some grub here in Bristol, TN!

Vanessa 🙂

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  1. August 19, 2011 6:32 pm

    Oh my, your recipe is so much more creative than mine. That was to be expected. I wish I had done my original, but my stomach got in the way 🙂 The other idea involved dandelion greens, avocado, and peaches–must actually create and blog about soon.

    Thanks for the multiple shout outs! Have a great time in TN!

    • August 19, 2011 6:43 pm

      Haha, thanks. Yours looks DELICIOUS!! I love smoothies! The other idea sounds good too!

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